3 Of The Most Important Factors For Your Backyard Fence

Ornamental Custom Iron Fence On Masonry Wall

With an estimated 99,939 U.S. businesses offering fencing services and products, you’re bound to find the perfect backyard fence for your home. Generating an estimated $51 billion dollars of revenue, the fence industry is a booming business with the singular goal of making beautiful, durable fencing of all different types and styles. So how will you know what kind of fence is perfect for your home? You’ll just have to pay attention to a few factors:

Backyard Fence Material

Your backyard fence can convey a lot about your home right from the get-go. You want the material to reflect your home’s design while providing the most efficient fence possible. You should look into the benefits of wood, vinyl, aluminum, and wrought-iron fencing, so that you can be familiar with the different care levels involved with each, and the different price points as well.

Backyard Fence Style

If you’ve got a newer house, it would probably benefit most from a newer fence design. Something classic and contemporary like a white picket fence would be great for colonials, ranches, and other more contemporary house designs. If you have a more extravagant architecture, you may be able to look at the available options for wrought iron fences. Wrought iron fences are sturdy and tough, but can look elegant and regal.

Backyard Fence Purpose

What is the purpose of your chosen fencing material? You may be looking to build a privacy fence using wood fencing, like 80 to 90% of fence applicants. Or you may be looking for a waterproof vinyl fence to put around your in-ground pool. If you have a dog, a chain-link fence is a great addition to your yard that can keep your pup safe while offering up to 65% return of investment.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find a fence that’s perfect for your home and your style when you work with the best fence company around.