3 Things to Do Before a Privacy Fence Install

Privacy Fence with Walk Gate

Most homeowners take on a privacy fence install so that they can have, well, more outdoor privacy, but that’s not the only benefit these worthwhile home additions can offer. Privacy fence installs can protect pets and young children, ensuring that they stay inside the yard, while also keeping burglars and other threats on the outside. Plus, privacy fences can block out unwanted noises if the right materials are used.

However, before you can install one and start taking advantage of all these benefits, you need to take care of a couple things.

Make Sure You’re Privacy Fence Install is OK

Before you start building one around your yard, you need to make the homeowner’s association allows privacy fences. Most allow them; it’s very odd if they don’t. However, they also usually have a few rules. For example, some homeowner’s associations might not allow homeowners to build privacy fences in their front yards, or they might have height restrictions on backyard privacy fences.

Pick a Privacy Fence Install Material

Privacy fences are usually made out of either wood, aluminum, wrought iron, or vinyl. A wood privacy fence can provide a lot of privacy, but they also require a bit of maintenance. An aluminum fence is low-maintenance and very affordable, but isn’t allowed in some areas. Wrought iron fences are gorgeous and incredibly durable, but they’re also pricey. A vinyl privacy fence is affordable and low maintenance, like aluminum, but it can’t be painted.

Ask the Neighbors about Your Privacy Fence Install

Even though the homeowner’s association might let you build a privacy fence, your neighbors might not be okay with it. After all, it could get in the way of their view. In order to mitigate any future problems they might have with it, it’s best to just make sure they’re okay with it before you build one.

A privacy fence can make yards more exclusive, and provide home protection. Before you take advantage of these amazing benefits, you need to make sure it’s okay to build one, choose a building material, and ask the neighbors if it’s okay.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Everyone does because we’re the best fence installers you’ll find.