A Vinyl Privacy Fence Primer

White Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice

There’s a good chance that you’ve stumbled across this little corner of the web because you’re one of the many homeowners who are thinking about adding a vinyl privacy fence to their property. Here’s why it’s so likely.

It’s actually a statistical probability that — if you’re looking to improve your home — you’re probably one of the myriad of homeowners looking to build privacy fences. According to U.S. zoning committee experts, between 80 and 90% of the applications for fences are for privacy fences.

Many homeowners are motivated to make improvements, renovations, and additions for different reasons, but almost all of them essentially boil down to one main reason — to improve their homes. According to a 2014 survey by Houzz, 78% of homeowners who were looking to add to their homes wanted to improve the look and feel, while 54% wanted to make the space more functional. Not only can vinyl privacy fencing add curb appeal to a property, but it can also create a safe, private perimeter that allows homeowners to get more enjoyment out of their yards.

If you’re thinking about making some improvements, you should consider adding wood fences to your home. They’re popular, improve the property value, add curb appeal, and are incredibly cost-efficient. What more could you want?

How to Pick Your Vinyl Privacy Fence Company

There are countless varieties of privacy fencing to choose from, but there are some expectations for vinyl privacy fence companies that remain the same throughout the industry.

Questions to Ask: You will want to interview as many different vinyl privacy fence companies as you are comfortable with. You’ll want to get an idea of price variations and the difference in demeanor for each contractor. They should be professional and transparent about their process and policies.

Exploring Materials Options: Some contractors will require you to pay half of the overall cost before they begin working. This allows them to buy the materials they’re going to use to build your fence. However, this means you may have to spend some time-saving in order to fund the down payment. A reputable fence contractor will let you know about this before beginning the process.

References: Aside from doing basic online research for reviews, ask the contractor for references. While they may not have any available directly, they may be able to provide you with contact information of previous clients. While references are important, it’s also vital that you listen to your gut when it comes to hiring a contractor.

Insurance: All contractors that work in or around your home should be insured. If an uninsured contractor you hired were to have an accident on your property, you could be liable. Be sure to ask for proof of insurance, for both workers comp and liability. A trustworthy company won’t have any problem showing this to you.

Contracting for Service: After you have made a decision about which contractor to hire, be sure to get a written contract that outlines the services that will be provided and the price. Also ask for a signed contract of the timeline of construction.

While maintaining these expectations of outdoor privacy fence companies, you will be ensuring a smooth construction process and avoid hassling with your contractor over logistics.

10 Steps to Buying a Vinyl Privacy Fence

Vinyl privacy fences offer property owners a sense of security and offer an attractive way to signify property ownership. Prior to investing in a fence, you should engage in some advance planning to ensure that you are satisfied with your privacy fence. Below are 10 steps to take before you invest in a privacy fence.

1) Clarify your purpose for wanting a vinyl privacy fence. There are many types of privacy fences available so it is important to outline your main reason for wanting a privacy fence. For instance, if you only need a fence to help keep a small dog in the yard, then a lattice-top fence will suffice. But if you seek noise reduction, then a fence that is more solid will be required.

2) Outline your budgetary parameters in advance. There is a lot of variance in pricing among vinyl privacy fence options. For instance, taller fences are generally more costly than shorter fences. In some cases, a person’s budget will be the determining factor for selecting a particular type of fence.

3) Determine the color that you would like to use for your fence. Vinyl privacy fences are available in a variety of colors, including white and beige. Look at your property and figure out what color would work best.

4) Consider what kind of gate you want on your vinyl privacy fence. The gate can make a big difference in the look of your fence. You’d do well to look at a few options before making a choice.

5) Look at fences in your neighborhood to help narrow your choices. If you see a fence that you like, ask the homeowner for the fence provider’s information. Also, ask about ease of maintenance and durability of the fence.

6) Remember the impact of climate and precipitation as you choose your materials. For instance, if you live in a humid region that is prone to rainfall, you may wish to consider using a material other than wood because of wood’s tendency to rot. Vinyl is a popular choice among residents of areas that receive regular rainfall.

7) Carefully plan the entrances for your privacy fence. Ideally, you should plan to have two entrances built into your fence. One should be wide enough to use to move large yard care equipment in and out of the entrance with ease.

8) Consider customizing your fence with hardscapes and plants. You can give your fence a softer, more unique appearance by incorporating greenery and hardscapes into the design. Consult with an experienced fencing company about ways to customize your privacy fence.

9) Consult with your local neighborhood association before building your fence. Some neighborhoods and small cities have restrictions on the types of fences that you can build. Request approval in writing for the fence that you wish to build before moving ahead with your project.

10) Choose a trusted vinyl privacy fence provider. Carefully evaluate a variety of fence providers in your area before you hand over a deposit. Check references for each company and seek a fence provider with proven industry experience. Long® Fence is a BBB accredited fence provider that has been a leader in the privacy fence industry since 1945. Their privacy fence experts have the experience and tools required to design and install a fence that meets your specific needs.

Please contact us to learn how a privacy fence can improve the appearance and security of your property. Our team of fence specialists looks forward to working with you!