A Wagged Tail Can Mean Many Things: Three Things to Keep in Mind

wood Picket Fence

For families who adopt a dog, it’s important to understand what dogs need in order to be healthy and happy. There are many problems that dog owners often encounter in raising a puppy.

One would be understanding appropriate snacks for a dog; it’s easy to slip pieces of food under the table for your puppy to nibble on. However, it’s worth noting that, for a 30 pound dog, just an ounce of cheese is the human equivalent of eating an entire chocolate bar! Although it can be tempting to give in to “sad eyes,” it’s important that human owners keep what’s best for their dogs in mind — and perhaps keep some doggy treats nearby as a substitute.

How else can you keep your dog happy and healthy? Here are three important things to keep in mind.

1. A Wagged Tail Can Mean Many Things

We’ve often heard that a wagging tail means a dog is happy. However, this is not really true — like the face, the tail communicates a range of emotions rather than just one. Your dog might be excited or happy, or it might be nervous or anxious. It’s important to learn what type of situations your dog is comfortable with, so that you can read these cues better.

2. A Fenced Yard is Not Enough

For most dogs, having access to a yard is not enough to ensure adequate physical activity and exercise. Although it’s a good option to have, it will also be necessary to walk your dog and play with them so that they get a variety of exercise, and also mental stimulation.

3. Appropriate Outdoor Fences for Dogs

Many people might not realize that a good amount of research and planning should go into picking the correct fence for keeping in a family dog. Many larger dogs, for example, can easily jump over a lower four-foot fence, while many smaller dogs can quickly work their way under gappy wrought iron fences. Dogs also can potentially suffer from “fence anxiety” that occurs when they can see, but not reach, a person or animal walking by. For this reason, most dog owners are advised to get solid, outdoor privacy fences that block dogs from visual stimulants. Wood fences are often a good option for households with dogs.

Have you used wood fences to keep in dogs? Contact the best fence company around to talk it over.