Add Value to Your Home Through Fence Construction

Ornamental Iron Chancellor Series in Front Lawn

Improving the value of your home should be an ongoing project; whether you intend to eventually sell the home, keep it through retirement, or relegate ownership to a family member, the only way to guard against depreciating home markets is to continually add value to your home through upgrades and renovations. Often fence construction is overlooked as a prime method of improving a home’s value. Yet, according to,

“There is a 99% chance that adding a fence WILL increase the value…Fences sell properties. The cost of a fence is generally recouped in the purchase price.”

Prospective home buyers often view a fenced lot as desirable for many reasons. Families will appreciate a residential fence to keep pets and children safe; as additional home security; backyard entertaining is greatly enhanced with a privacy fence; curb appeal is certainly attained with ornate metal fences, and fences are low-maintenance home improvements which double as landscaping enhancements.

Before you make a decision on installing a new fence, determine what your desires and needs are in advance; privacy, safety, curb appeal or reducing landscape run-off. Next, consider which fencing materials will best suit those needs. The most economical and popular fencing options are aluminum, steel or vinyl.

Constructing an Aluminum Fence Offers Many Decorative Options

Aluminum fences can emulate the look of a classic wrought iron fence and are certainly a popular choice to add curb appeal and decorative embellishments. Aluminum fences are rust resistant and make an excellent choice to surround a swimming pool or as a heavy duty gate for long driveways. Aluminum does well standing up to extremes in temperatures and is more durable than wrought iron in adverse weather. Look to adding decorative scrolls, ball caps, along with color matching to fit your home’s exterior decor. Choose an aluminum fence for the following:

  • Will not rust or become flake from brittleness
  • Better solution over wrought iron fences
  • Provides security along with curb appeal

Steel Fence Construction Lends Superior Strength

For decorative fences that are rugged, a steel fence will offer superior strength against the wear and tear of life. Many luxury homes will feature high-end, ornamental steel fencing that adds to home security and exudes elegance; yet, steel fences will work well for any home when the proper height is selected that fits well into the home’s appearance. Steel fences are galvanized for protection from rust and paint options can include a unique contrasting color to add zeal to the property, or a subtle tone that blends well with the existing house color. You can expect the following from a steel fence installation:

  • Dramatic curb appeal and sophistication
  • Adds significant value to a home
  • Rock solid durability that lasts

Consider Vinyl Fence Construction For Privacy

Privacy for backyard entertaining or simply quiet lounging on the deck or by the pool is best achieved with a vinyl fence from a reputable fence company. often showcases homes with vinyl fences that not only add privacy but also demonstrate the many options of fencing that is available in various vinyl materials. Consider a rustic wood grain, or the standard go-to privacy fence in classic white, or a picket fence that is much cheaper than wood or metal. The color palettes for vinyl fences are huge and modern vinyl materials are extremely durable. Benefits of a vinyl fence includes:

  • Easy and affordable installation
  • Low maintenance and cost-effective solutions
  • One piece panels provide optimum privacy

When choosing your fencing contractor, do your homework and hire companies that have been in business a number of years with experienced installation technicians. Talk to the sales representative about installation and material warranties. Quality contractors are willing to back their work and their reputation.

Don’t forget to comply with any local ordinances, regulations or requirements concerning installations of fencing on private property. Contact the best fence company in the U.S. to discuss how privacy or ornamental fences can increase the value of your home.