Brand Your Business with the Fence Design You Choose

Vinyl Privacy Fence

You know what image you have of your business. You know what image you hope to project about your business. Are you aware people are making an assessment of your business before they even walk inside? You can have an effect on people’s perception of your business by the fence design you choose.

The first factor to consider whatever fence design you have is the current condition. If your fence is damaged, deteriorating or flat out falling down, this will cause a negative view of your business immediately. It’s time to consider a replacement.

Let’s look at what the various types of  commercial fence will say about your business:

Chain Link Fence Design

A basic, galvanized chain link fence design will tell your customers they are dealing with a frugal, no-frills business that will offer them the best value for their money. They will understand security is a concern for you but making pretenses is not. A basic chain link fence design will allow you to have your products visible to the public but safe from harm.

For instance, if you are a car rental company, the public will be able to see the quality of your fleet without exposing the cars to potential theft or vandalism. If you sell outdoor lawn equipment, you can have a nice selection out for people to see who pass by during non-business hours.

If you’d like to upscale a bit, you could choose aluminized chain link or something from our color system. If you like your image as money conscious but need some privacy, you can choose vinyl slats to enhance your chain link fence. You can even make it fun, like a child care center could choose multicolored slats to brighten your look but still provide privacy for your charges.


To create a more specific image for your company, you could opt for a vinyl fence design meant to speak of your business’s personality. Vinyl will tell your customers you are committed to the long haul as vinyl will last for many years and require little maintenance other than the occasional cleaning.

If you are interested in creating a home-like environment for your business, a vinyl picket fence would be a great choice. Or if you want to define your borders but welcome visitors, you could consider a paddock-style fence. For example, a car dealer might want customers to feel free to walk through the lot but still offer some definition to your space.

If privacy is a greater concern, a commercial vinyl privacy fence will offer years of service. For an office building where you want to provide workers a place to smoke or simply have a quiet outside space, a vinyl privacy fence provides a great solution.


If your building is more amenable to natural finishes, wood fence designs can provide many of the same features as vinyl with a lower up-front cost but more maintenance in the future. A wood fence will feel warm and inviting to your customers and express an interest in more natural, environmental concerns.

Ornamental Iron

To create a more sophisticated, higher-end appeal to your customers, ornamental iron fence design will do the trick. Ornamental iron provides visibility to your building while at the same time speaking to your concern for security.

Ornamental iron also provides a long-term beauty to your property with a minimum amount of maintenance. Ornamental iron fencing is a solid choice for office buildings and governmental sites that demand a high level of security as they are difficult to penetrate.

Long Fence also provides a variety of specialty fence designs that are adapted to any business needs. Contact us to design the perfect fence to create a brand look for your customers before they ever enter your property. We are the best fence company around.