Building a Chain Link Fence for Many Generations

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

The chain link fence has been a reliable border of protection for any part of a home or business owner’s property. It has stood as reliable and efficient for numerous decades.

There are countless benefits building a chain link fence can provide. One highlight is that they are virtually weatherproof, as they are commonly referred to as “the hurricane fence.”

There is not a wrong place to have your privacy fence installed, thus making them versatile staples of front and backyards in everywhere throughout the nation.

Why You Should Consider Building a Chain Link Fence On Your Property

One of the criteria many house hunters of today are always hunting for is a great neighborhood. After all, external factors such as school system, yard size, and neighborhood are almost just as important as finding a great building to actually live in and call home. Even if you succeed in finding your dream home in a great neighborhood, however, you still want a privacy factor. You could have the nicest neighbors in the world, but after a 10-hour day at work followed by an hour and a half of commuter traffic, and a healthy dose of family drama to welcome you home, sometimes you just want to be by yourself.

Sure, you can go inside, lock the doors, close the blinds, and try to tune out the world. But what fun is that? If the weather is nice, you might want to be outside in your solitude, especially if a relaxing deck or comfortable outdoor living area was another part of your house hunting criteria. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet in the great outdoors within your living space, you’re not going to want the neighbors to peer in on you during your moments of silence. Take the necessary time and modest investment it takes to build a fence and you won’t have to worry about this.

For ultimate privacy you may want to go with a vinyl fence that is completely solid. However, a well-built chain link fence fence can provide you with just the amount of privacy you need, plus some other benefits to consider as well:

  • Just Enough Privacy – Yes, chain link fences are see-thru so if your neighbors are nosy enough, they could possibly squint just enough to be able see through the links. but that really requires an unethical level of effort. A chain link fence still provides a clear-cut border line, while still allowing a level of transparency that might be nice. You may not want your view completely blocked if there is a side of your yard that has a scenic view to enjoy during your downtime.

  • Stay! – If you have a dog, a chain link fence can be perfect for keeping the dog inside your property. Believe it or not, more than just a few precocious hounds have been known to actually chew through the bottom of a wooden picket fence and escape their safe and friendly confines.

  • Cost – If you have a very large yard, vinyl or wood can get quite expensive. You can save significant cost by installing a well-built, strong, and fully galvanized chain link fence.

  • Easy to Maintain – No need to paint, refinish, or anything else really with a chain link fence. This adds a substantial cost savings benefit to going with this option. If it starts to look a little unkempt, just hose it down to remove whatever might be sticking to it.

  • Weather Proof – Rain, snow, sleet, locusts, or whatever Mother Nature can dish out should not affect the stability of your fence. Beyond weather, kids can climb these, balls can crash into them, and dogs can even try to take a bite of them, as stated before, and it won’t matter – Your chain link fence will still be there as strong as ever.

Long Fence has been providing residential and commercial customers with fencing installation expertise since 1945. We offer privacy fences of all styles, as well as other outdoor structures with elite levels of customer service at all times. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business and family owned from the very beginning. Please contact us for more information or a free estimate of your project today.

Building a Chain Link Fence and the Benefits It Provides

Whether the fence around your home needs replacing, or you are considering having a fence installed on your property for the very first time, you will likely have many concerns regarding the safety and security of your new fence, and will wonder which fencing option is best for your property. What first leads many homeowners to consider a chain link fence is its affordability, as chain link fences tend to be the most adorable of all of the fencing options. However, what many homeowners are unaware of are the many other benefits chain link fences can provide. If you are debating what type of fence to have installed on your property, here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider choosing a chain link fence.

Extreme Durability

One of the reasons chain link fences continue to be one of the most popular fencing options is due to the fact that they are extremely durable, and will literally last a lifetime. Their design and construction makes them much more difficult to damage than other fences, which means that you will not have to worry about children, pets, or stray balls weakening the integrity of your fence. Additionally, they stand up to nature better than any other fencing option being able to withstand wind, rain, snow, and heat. You also will not be subjected to damage from termites, mold, and rot as you would with other fences, which makes chain link fences an extremely reliable option.


Being so durable makes chain link fences much easier to maintain than other fencing options. Being able to withstand damage means that you won’t be frequently replacing sections of fencing, or checking your fence for termite damage, as you would have to with other fences. The only maintenance a chain link fence requires is occasional spraying off with a hose or pressure washer to keep it looking pristine.

Ease of Install

Chain link fences are also the easiest type of fence to install. Unlike many other types of fencing, which can be painstakingly slow to build, taking multiple days even when done by a professional, chain link fences can go up in a matter of hours on most residential properties. This means that once you decide on a chain link fence for your home, you will not have to wait long for your property to be fully protected and secure.

A Variety of Choices

Many individuals falsely believe that choosing a chain link fence will limit the extent to which they are able to personalize their fence. However, even chain link fences can be personalized to match your needs and style. Not only can they be painted in a variety of colors, but also, the fencing can be vinyl covered to add additional strength, and the fencing also often comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs to meet your needs. Thusly, chain link fences can still be personalized to fit your personality and the needs of your property.

As you can see, chain link fences are practical as well as affordable, time and again proving to be one of the most versatile and beneficial fencing options. No matter the size of your property, chain link fences prove to be a practical option for making your yard safe and secure. However, these are just a few of the benefits that chain link fences can provide homeowners with. There are many more reasons to consider a chain link fence that we have not touched upon here.  Contact the best fence company around to learn about more of the benefits chain link fencing can provide, as well as to find out about getting a quote for your property. 

5 Benefits of Building a Chain Link Fence for Your Business

As a business owner or manager, you have plenty of issues that can keep you awake at night, but controlling access to your property doesn’t need to be one of them. Installing a chain link fence with secured access points is an economical way to guard the perimeter of your property.

Let’s look at five benefits of installing a chain link fence on your commercial property:


First, and foremost on your mind, is security. Building a chain link fence will keep out all the bad guys, except the most determined, and unless you deal in fine jewels or hard currency you probably don’t have too many of those targeting your business. Chain link fences can be built to heights up to 20 feet (3 to 12 feet are standard) to discourage anyone from entering your property. Chain link fences also can keep out wildlife, such as deer or foxes, that could cause damage to your property.

Building a chain link also provides a strong barrier against vehicles accidentally driving through, which could be a concern if you are located on a busy highway or street.

If security is a major concern, we can work with stronger-gauge steel and add tactical obstacles and entanglements to prevent climbing fences. Smaller mesh sizes also are available to decrease penetration and increase security.


Building a chain link fence is your most economical option when it comes to perimeter fencing. The average cost of chain link fencing in the metro D.C. area is $16 to $28 per linear foot installed, but can vary by materials, gates, environment, etc.


Many options are available for your chain link fence that can make it look more attractive and suitable for your property. Four types of chain link fence you can select from are:

Galvanized: Wire fabricated from steel is coated with zinc, making a durable finish. This type of chain link fence is commonly used by federal and local governments and has many commercial uses.

Aluminized: This chain features a steel core coated with aluminum to provide rust and corrosion resistance. Considered self-healing, this fencing will last a long time without losing its aesthetics.

All Color System: This vinyl-coated fence and framework is widely popular for commercial use because of its color appeal and durability. The fencing comes in green, black and brown but custom colors also are available.

Vinyl Coated Fence on Galvanized Frame: The popular black, green and brown vinyl coated fence can be used with galvanized framing as a more economical option. The fence retains its corrosion resistance and durability.


If you’d like to keep eyeballs off your business as well, you can add color matching slats to the vinyl-coated fences to provide that extra layer of privacy without the additional cost of a wooden or vinyl privacy fence.

Gate Options

You also have a wide variety of options available for gates for your chain link fence. Whether you need simple swing gates, cantilevered slide gates or pedestrian walk gates, our designers can work with you to get the perfect solution to your gating needs. We can review access points, security needs and more to find the most economical solution that will fit your business’s needs. Automated gate options also are available to ensure security.

If you would like to find out more about how Long Fence can help increase the security of your business property while also maintaining or enhancing its aesthetic appeal, contact us for a design review and cost estimate on chain link fencing. You will be pleasantly surprised on how cost-effective chain link fencing can be and how quickly your project could be designed and constructed with a minimal disruption to your business.