Choosing the Right Gate System for Your Business

Anti Crash Gate

Although I’m sure Area 51 and top secret government facilities have some of the strongest, most durable, and resilient fences and commercial gates money can buy, your facility doesn’t have to be a highly classified military compound to benefit from a high quality commercial fence and gate system. A variety of businesses including parking garages, public transportation facilities, construction companies, police stations, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, airports, and more can all make good use of good gate system.

Your business could be in the market for better security, or you could be trying to crash proof it. Maybe you’re just trying to mark off clear boundaries to your property line to separate yourself from intrusive neighborhood surroundings. Once you determine the reason for the gate system you want to install that reasonably complements your commercial fencing, then you can choose the right style. Plenty of options exist, including the following:

  • Swing Gate: This is one of the more aesthetically appealing gate styles. It’s a good choice to provide visual appeal to your business, as well as an excellent choice to make life a little more difficult for would-be intruders to luxury private residences as well. A swing gate stays stationary at one end and uses a hinged system to open. It’s the most popular choice for a lot of locations because of it’s look and function, but it does have some limitations. For instance, you need to make sure you have the proper clearance to safely operate a swing gate.
  • Cantilever Slide Gate: Sometimes tricky sloped landscaping or inconvenient locations of other natural obstructions can make a swing gate impossible. If that happens, a slide gate is a good replacement option. This gate style can also be motorized and controlled from a remote location, which provides a further element of convenience.
  • Overhead Track Gate: Similar in operation to the slide gate, an overhead track style can be constructed to suit any opening for height and width. This is also an excellent choice when swing gates just aren’t possible due to landscaping issues.
  • Vertical Lift Gate: These are used just about exclusively for industrial applications. They’re an impressive site to behold when the gate rises up from the ground allowing entry to your property. It’s also made from a very durable construction, which can include ornamental iron, aluminum, or chain link materials.
  • Barrier Arm Gate: The perfect choice for commercial parking lots and garages. It features an arm that stretches across the traffic lane and is lifted safely out of the way when the operator or parking attendant operates it to allow a vehicle to pass through. A variety of widths are available for barrier arms, depending on the individual needs of your commercial parking situation.
  • Anti-Crash Gate: Just in case you’re fearful of a Hollywood style bad guy like Gary Oldman loading up a mini van and trying to crash through your gate to either evade pursuit or gain unlawful entry, the anti-crash gate could be just what you need. They’re made with the highest quality and most durable materials, and constructed with expert craftsmanship to produce perhaps, the most physically secure entry point you can buy. An excellent choice if you have something very valuable behind the perimeter, like maybe an alien that crashed into the surface of New Mexico sometime in the 1940s. Queue the X-Files music …

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