Does a Privacy Fence Add Value to Commercial & Residential Properties?

Vinyl Privacy Combo Fence

A commercial or residential property can benefit from having a privacy fence installed.  Your company’s property and operations does not need to be available to all prying eyes.  Your backyard should not be available to this as well.

Countless positives exist for business and personal additions of a privacy fence.

Does a Privacy Fence Add Value to Your Home? Yes, if…

Does a privacy fencde add value to your home? There seemingly are as many reasons to add a privacy fence to a home as there are homeowners … or neighbors. But if you’re considering putting your home on the market and you wonder if installing a privacy fence will add value to the home, the experts will tell you yes and no.

The general consensus seems to be a privacy fence adds value to your home, if …

  • You Take the Neighborhood into Consideration: If you neighbors have no privacy fences and seem to value the openness of the land and community created by adjoining yards, you will not add value to your home with a privacy fence; instead, your home will stick out like a sore thumb and make you look stand-offish. On the other hand, if all the neighbors have privacy fences and you do not, adding one will increase the value of the home as it will fit into the neighborhood better.

  • You Know Your Neighbors: If your neighbor’s house looks like Redd Foxx’s lot in the old TV program “Sanford & Son,” then hiding it will definitely add value to your home. Or if your neighbor has a pack of dogs who howl every time they see you in the back yard, then blocking their view will help. However, if your neighbors have a beautiful English garden with a quaint four-foot rock wall, then your privacy fence will look out of place and rob potential buyers of seeing all that beauty next door.

  • Your Yard Lacks Definition: If home buyers can’t see the property lines, they may consider your back yard to be smaller than it really is. A fence will give the yard a sense of definition and with nice landscaping will give a feeling of retreat, no matter the size.

  • A Busy Road Runs Along the Back: Build the fence now! Anything that can make the back yard a quieter space when home buyers visit will pay huge dividends. Home buyers with children or pets will run away immediately if they feel the yard is not going to be a safe place for their babies (human or animal) to play.

  • You Have a Pool: Sure, there are a few exhibitionists out there who don’t mind who sees them in whatever state of undress, but the majority of prospective buyers are going to want privacy when using their pool. There’s also the safety and liability factors of keeping unwanted visitors from helping themselves to the pool.

The best way to determine whether a privacy fence will add value to your home as you put it on the market is to ask your local real estate agent. This person will have the best pulse on the neighborhood and know what features sell homes in your area and are the best investment for you as you prepare to sell.

Realty Times estimates that adding a quality privacy fence that fits in with the neighborhood can net a return of 50% over the price you pay for materials and installation. Installing a chain link fence, while it can meet your needs, adds little to no value to the house.

If you determine adding a privacy fence is the route to take when preparing to sell your home, Long Fence will work with you to determine what type of fence – be it wood, vinyl, wrought iron or other – will add the greatest value. With more than 70 years in the fencing business, Long Fence has the expertise to work with your budget, your expectations and possible neighborhood restrictions to install the best fence for your property. Contact us today for a free review and free estimate to meet your fencing needs.

5 Ways a Privacy Fence Can Improve Your Way of Life 

Installing a privacy fence on your property has a number of compelling benefits. If you have yet to install a privacy fence, but are considering doing so, here are some of the ways this type of fence can make your life a little easier. Be sure to keep them in mind when you are deciding whether a privacy fence is right for you and your property.


Privacy is one of the first and most obvious benefits of a privacy fence. With this privacy, you can easily enjoy the outdoors without the fear of a neighbor or someone passing by peeking in on you. This is especially helpful for those with a swimming pool that wish to lounge by the pool on a quiet afternoon. It can also be a great option for parents with small children who wish to play outdoors. With a privacy fence, you can be certain that your privacy is protected and that you can remain in your yard unobserved by others.


Along with added privacy, you can experience an added level of safety when you install a privacy fence. This type of fence can keep others out of your yard, which can help keep them and you safe. For example, homeowners with pools will not need to worry that the neighborhood children or animals will happen upon the pool and become injured. At the same time, a privacy fence could also keep your own family safe from the same type of circumstances. A privacy fence is also a great way to keep your pets confined, which could protect both them and the rest of the neighborhood.


Security is also a huge benefit of having a privacy fence. Thieves and neighbors will not be able to look in your yard to determine what you have stored there. These types of fences are also deterrents for those looking to break into your home. Having a privacy fence is also something that could help keep stray animals out of your yard. These animals could damage your property and pose a risk to those living in your home. Business owners can also benefit from the security of a privacy fence. It is a great tool to keep equipment and supplies secure and can help reduce the amount of commercial liability that you have.

Improved Home Value

Another important factor that any homeowner is interested in is their home value. Surprisingly, a privacy fence can actually increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell. Because of the many other benefits of these types of fences, those looking for homes are more likely to choose a home that has a privacy fence installed. They are also pleasing to the eye, which can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home.


Finally, a privacy fence can help improve the comfort you feel when you are spending time outdoors. They have the tendency to help cut down on the noise that escapes into your yard and can make the overall atmosphere in the yard more pleasing. Decorating with these fences is also a great benefit because they can help protect plants and trees from weather that would normally damage them. This allows you to have a flexible design in your yard, which will also improve the overall comfort of the space.

These are all some of the things you can enjoy when you install a privacy fence on your property. Once you decide this is the best item for your home, be sure to contact us. With our years of experience in the privacy fence industry, we will be able to help you design the best fence to fit your needs.

The necessary steps one should follow before installing or having a privacy fence installed are covered in this featured blog.  The benefits are also weighed to see if you could use a privacy fence to enhance your commercial or residential property.

Considering a Privacy Fence

There are many things to consider when thinking about installing privacy fencing on your property. Safety, security, privacy, aesthetics, value, and budget are all factors.

How much privacy do you want?   

Fencing can be made from many materials and in varying heights. For total privacy, blocking view, noise, and interaction with neighboring properties, a tall, solid fence is the best option. These are available in wood, vinyl, and mesh chain link in many colors, styles, and heights to suit your tastes and needs.   

For ensuring safety and confinement of family and pets with less blockage, picket fencing, ornamental iron, aluminum, and decorative wood fences are beautiful options.   

The sky is truly the limit when selecting fencing. It simply comes down to your tastes, needs, and budget.

Benefits of Fences

Fencing your property has many benefits.

  • Clearly defining property lines.

  • Creating a safe environment for your family and pets.

  • Keeping out unwanted ‘visitors’.

  • Wind and snow break.

  • Insurance rewards.

  • Added property value.

  • Beautiful backdrop for plants and shrubbery.

Before Installing Fence

     Before installing fencing, there are some things to consider.

  • Discuss your ideas with your neighbors as your decisions will affect them as well.

  • Contact your city or county assessor to obtain detailed property lines.

  • Obtain information concerning any community, city, county, or state ordinances or laws pertaining to rights-of-way or other concerns.

  • Survey your property if needed.

  • Obtain any necessary permits.

Fencing Material

Choosing the right fencing material is crucial. Fences of any height and a variety of styles can be made in many materials.   

While wood is very versatile, generally less expensive, and widely favored, keep in mind that it requires maintenance. It will need to be stained and sealed periodically to keep it in good shape and prolong its life. In the harsh mid-Atlantic weather, wood may eventually splinter and warp. Wood fences come in countless designs from solid board and batten and stockade types, to decorative picket varieties, and post and rails.   

The type of wood used is an important decision as well. Eco-life wood is a treated wood that will withstand even the harshest elements. For non-treated wood, cedar is both beautiful and durable and long-lasting. Regardless of fencing wood, posts should be of treated wood.

Vinyl fencing is more expensive, but is durable and maintenance-free. It comes in many styles and colors and can closely imitate any ‘wood look’. It can be custom designed and constructed to meet any tastes and requirements.    

Iron fencing is virtually indestructible, timeless, elegant, and unique. Iron fences have a baked on powder-coat finish that offers longevity and low-maintenance, though it may require painting and can rust over time if not cared for properly.    

Aluminum fences offer the look and versatility of iron without the possibility of rust. These fences come in many styles and can be custom designed to fit your needs. Like their iron counterparts, they have a baked on powder-coat finish that virtually guarantees a lifetime of maintenance-free beauty.

Chain link has long-held appeal for its versatility, durability, and simplicity. Today’s chain link offers many options for decorative and maintenance-free privacy and security. 


When planning your fence, give thoughtful consideration to the placement of gates. There should be at least two gates per area. Consider ease of entry for people, lawn equipment, or maintenance vehicles if necessary. Locks, latches, and openers should also be given careful thought.

Mix it up  

With the variety of fencing options and materials available, there is no rule that says you must use the same fencing on your entire property. Consider mixing fence designs and materials for different areas, needs, and uses.

Whether for security, privacy, value, or looks, fencing is a beautiful addition to your property. If you are considering commercial or residential fencing, contact us. With over 70 years of experience, our professionals can assist you in choosing and installing the right product  for your needs at the right price for your budget.

A privacy fence offers seclusion to any part of your property.  It makes your home or business safer as well. Contact Long Fence for any and all fencing needs.