Dog Fencing for Your Best Friend

Boy with Dog

Dog’s aren’t just man’s best friend, as any dog owner will tell you, they’re an integral part of their family. Just as we have our bedrooms and offices, dogs need space too, and, obviously, for a lot of dogs that’s the backyard. As your dog’s best friend, you want to make sure they can run around for fun and exercise, but you also recognize the potential danger of dogs running away, and the need to protect them. Putting in a pet fence is a perfect way to ensure your dog can spend as much safe time outside as they want.

Dog Fencing Keeps Pets Safe

While your primary concern may be making your house as pleasant as possible for you to live in, you need to think about creating the best space possible for your pet. The risks are obvious with escaping: getting lost in the surrounding area, or traffic thereabouts. There’s nothing like a strong pet fence to keep your pet safe and happy and to keep you happy, knowing your darling is safe.

All of our pet fences are built precisely to your situation and come with a one year guarantee. We have all different kinds of fences that can fit any yard, pet, and neighborhood, as well as your preferences for appearance. We have experience working with homeowner association rules, and of course, it will perfectly match your home and landscaping. Our crew of builders expertly install your fence to last. You can come to 

Not only do we match your dog fence to your house and yard, but we also match it to your dog. We can take your information about your dog’s personality to build a fence to best suit them. If your dog’s a digger, we can put it underground a couple of inches. Can she leap buildings in a single bound? We can build it as high as you need to keep your baby safe.

Dog Fencing Looks Great

We know that cost is an important consideration when making a decision like this. We work with a wide variety of materials and styles to make sure we fit your budget perfectly, small or large. Also, having a fence increases the value of your home, while making it look nicer for you.

But you don’t have to replace your current perimeter fence or put up a big fence surrounding your whole property. Many of our clients simply portion off some of their lawn for different reasons. You might have a pool or a grilling area you might want to keep your pets out of when they get on the rowdy side. There’s a lot of different options: we can split your yard in half to keep your dog away from the pool or cordon off your garden to keep them from digging up your flowers. Picket fencing is a great way to go for keeping up the aesthetics of the yard, while chain-link fence is an easy option to separate a play area for your pet. Of course, we offer plenty of gates to keep easy access to every part of your property.

Wood fences are a great option and a classic for a reason. Anice picket fence will always look good around a house, or maybe a vertical slat fence to offer more protection for your dog or cat. There are a couple of kinds of wood we work with mostly. First is Ecolife wood, with a natural preservative that protects the fence against unwanted pests and rot and decay. Cedar is another great option for a fence if you prefer non-treated wood. Cedar can last forever due to its natural oils, staying strong and looking great, eventually fading to a nice soft gray. Maybe your homeowner association requires a more open fence, but your dog is small enough to slip through the cracks. We can add mesh in the gaps to prevent escape.

Vinyl fence is another great no-hassle option, a great option for cheaper and no maintenance. They can be styled in a lot of different ways, perfect for any task, and can be easily made to look like wood. All you really need is a hose to wash it off. If there are tougher stains, or your dog has a particular spot, then just use a bit of soap. Vinyl is equally if not more customizable than wood, and we can do all the same different kinds of fences, including mesh if you want gaps in your fence.

Chain link is another great low-cost option. It’s a great option for adding a lot of security for pretty cheap, and, like wood and vinyl, there are several kinds to choose from. Galvanized steel wire fence is the standard for its strength and durability. Aluminized steel is self-healing and rust-resistant, to provide an even longer-lasting solution. We also have vinyl-coated fences which means you can pick a color, and it carries the same cleaning and endurance of vinyl fencing.

While you can’t customize the look of a chain-link fence so much as wood or vinyl, you can make them however tall you need it easier. You can go up to 12 feet high, and a half foot underground to keep your digging friends inside.

Check out all the different kinds of materials and styles we have for your pet fence. If you need help picking, we have representatives to help you select the perfect option for your situation. Our team of designers and builders have years and years of experience to bring to you, and you can trust us to keep to our schedule and your budget. Call today so we can get going on your pet fence!