Driveway Gates Add Elegance

Concrete Driveway Iron Gate

Iron gates add elegance to any property, while enhancing its privacy and security. But choosing your iron gate is just the beginning. If you are just starting out with ideas for your estate or garden entryway, you will need to decide several things. First, determine which type of gate is right for your needs: a swinging gate or sliding gate. Will the gate be secured to new brick or stone pillars or an existing structure? Which automatic gate opener will work best for your situation, including access controls and technical support? Because of the size and scope of this project, it is best to work with a contractor that can provide expert advice on all facets of installation and operation. LONG® FENCE offers a full range of single and double gate styles and can enhance your gate with brick or stone pillars and an automated operating system.

Perhaps you already have a gate and need to automate it. Many customers who purchase driveway gates without an automatic opener choose to automate the gate at a later time. The convenience of having an electric gate opener can be well worth the investment. LONG® FENCE can provide solutions for your existing driveway gate as well. Just call the best fence company around. Plus, you can complete your project with matching garden gates and fencing!