Figuring Out the Right Fence Choice for Your Business

Swing Gate for Warehouse

Apparently, one man didn’t believe that airport security really is as secure as they say. William Deene, 22, was caught attempting to scale the fence at New York City’s Kennedy Airport this week. Authorities could not yet say why Deene — a New Jersey resident — was attempting to climb over the airport’s fences. He was quickly caught thanks to a watchful airport worker, as well as a perimeter alarm.

While airports have many fairly serious security requirements, businesses both large and small often need commercial fencing. Fences can vary widely in cost, design, and material. Temporary fences rented out by golf tournaments, for example, are not especially strong — they’re designed for crowd control and are visual barriers more than anything else. Their construction centers around creating a fence that stops and directs traffic, and is also easy to put up and take apart.

A fence surrounding a public pool, on the other hand, will be permanent and has to be strong enough and tall enough to keep out unsupervised children. Chain link fences are a typical solution for this situation.

In Ithaca, New York, a business called Recycle Ithaca’s Bicycles found a unique way to create business fences, and advertise their business at the same time. Instead of just putting up a typical vinyl or wooden fence, this company filled in a wood fence frame with spare bicycle parts — wheels, frames and more — so that the leftovers from their everyday operations serve as an effective marketing tool for their business itself.

Even if you don’t conveniently have a bunch of bike parts lying around, you can still get creative with your fence. Wooden fences, for example, can be painted any color of the rainbow. And for companies that desire a bit more flair — a boutique, for example — wrought iron fences can be a beautiful addition to any yard, in addition to providing needed security and/or privacy.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong fence for your business. Make sure that your fence suits your needs — whether it’s privacy you need, security, or both — and make sure that any fence you use fits your maintenance abilities. Wooden fences require more upkeep than vinyl ones, and that isn’t something that should be ignored.

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