Get Your Game On this Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day

The forecast for the Washington Metro area this Memorial Day weekend is near perfect. After being inundated with rain for most of the spring, sunny, dry weather is predicted for our three day weekend. What a great time to get outside and get moving!

And what better place to move than right in your own backyard. You know it well–just one step outside your back door. Leave the car keys on the table, forget about $4.00 a gallon gas, and go play a game.

One of the hottest outdoor games around today is Cornhole. Everyone can play and it doesn’t take expensive or fancy equipment. You can even make your own Cornhole game. Easy instructions are here.

For other great yard game ideas, click here. And if you want to make your backyard game space really special, think Long® Fence. We’ve been putting our boots in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC backyards for over 65 years. And we know a thing or two about tossing a corn bag.