How to Soften the Look of a Black Chain Link Fence

Black Coated Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence provides security and adds value to any home. Even so, the fact that black chain link fence is used in many commercial settings means that people sometimes think of it as being too “industrial.” Fortunately, there are several things you can do to soften the look of a black chain link fence, and here are just a few of them.

Install a Black Chain Link Fence Inside a Wooden Frame

If you enjoy the look of a wooden fence, but find that installing one all the way around your yard isn’t practical, creating a frame and then filling it in with chain link could be a good option. Rather than using metal fence posts, drive wooden beams into the ground instead. Nail long wooden boards to the tops and bottoms of your fence posts to create “squares” that can later be filled in with chain link.

This same concept would work if you already have a wooden rail or “horse fence” that you would like to make more secure. Simply install black chain link over top of your wooden rails, and your pasture is then secure enough for smaller animals such as goats or dogs.

Add Privacy Slats to a Black Chain Link Fence

For areas where you would like a little more privacy, chain link slats might be a better option. Privacy slats are easy to insert by weaving them through the links in your fence. They come in a variety of colors, and some may even resemble wood, bamboo, or lattice. These slats are waterproof, and will stand up to harsh weather conditions without cracking or breaking.

Rolls of bamboo or willow fencing can also be unrolled and placed over top of your chain link. Not only will this soften the look of your fence, but the chain link will also help support the bamboo or willow rather nicely.

Using Pallets

Slats from an old pallet can be used to give your chain link fence a more rustic appearance. Attach these slats across the length of your fencing and attach with wires. It isn’t necessary to do your entire fence this way, as adding boards only in one corner or across a gate will provide a nice accent piece for your outdoor landscaping. You can even paint or stain the boards if you would like draw even more attention to them.

Change the Color of a Black Chain Link Fence

If you feel a black chain link fence is just too ordinary, you may want to consider a polymer-coated one instead. Available in multiple colors, this type of chain link fence works well with a number of landscapes, and might even better match the exterior of your home.

In the event you are unhappy with one of our custom colors, you’ll be glad to know that chain link fences can also be painted. Doing so does take some skill in order to prevent runs and ensure even coverage, which is why we do not recommend it as a DIY project.

Miscellaneous Methods

There are a few other ways to soften the look of a black chain link fence, such as:

  • With the strategic placement of plants in front of certain sections
  • Attaching window boxes full of flowing plants and vines to your fence
  • Using privacy screens
  • Planting small trees or shrubs along one section
  • Building a pergola and attaching outdoor drapes or curtains

These are just a few ways in which you can improve the look of your black chain link fence. We’re sure you can come up with quite a few others, and will be glad to take them into consideration when installing your fence. To find out more about the different types of chain link fencing we have available, or to receive a free estimate, call the best fence company in the U.S.