Keeping Your Wood Fence Gate in Good Shape

Spaced Board Wood Fence and Walk Gate

You would have to completely ignore regular maintenance for a very long time before your gate starts to literally fall off its hinges, but it only takes a few years for a wood fence gate to show some wear and tear if you don’t take a few minutes to do your regular maintenance. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your wood fence gate.

Clean and Inspect the Wood Fence Gate

At least once a year, you should take a hose and wash down your fences, including the wood fence gate. This is also the perfect time to look for rot in wood fences and rust in the hinges. Deterioration shouldn’t be an issue until several years after the fence is built, but when it does happen, it is best to address it right away.

Check the Wood Fence Gate Opener

If you have an automatic opener for your wood fence gate, it is important to keep in good working condition. Once you are done washing the gate, open the cover that houses the electronics. Make sure there isn’t any corrosion or popped capacitors that will require repair in the near future. You also want to be sure that no bugs have made this area their home. A few mothballs will ensure that no one shorts out the delicate electronic circuits.

Make Sure the Safety Features for Your Wood Fence Gate Are Working

Safety is important, even for a wood fence gate. For a simple garden gate, this may be as simple as checking the locks to make sure they are working. For an automatic gate, this will be very important. You should ensure that there is a sign facing the street warning people that the gate is automatic, and they should take care. You should also test to ensure that the gate will stop trying to close if it hits something.

Taking care of your gate is only a little more work than keeping the rest of your fence in good condition. Contact us at the best fence company in the U.S. if you need a new gate that will last through the ages.