Long Fence’s Cedar Privacy Fences: For All Your Privacy Fence Needs

Tan and White Vinyl Fence and Wood Gazebo

More people are getting the chance to purchase their own home these days than in many instances over the past decade. With the housing market back on an upswing, people are now looking at what options they may have to dress up their homes, new or existing. One of the biggest upgrades people are going with these days is putting cedar privacy fences put up around their yard. It gives a nice sense of security while also keeping unwanted visitors from just strolling into your yard, not to mention keeping out pesky wildlife that could wander through. There are a few options when it comes to cedar privacy fences these days, from varying materials to differing appearance options, it’s no longer just your standard wood fence like in days of old.

The classic wooden cedar privacy fences still exists, in many different forms than just your run of the mill privacy fence these days. You have a choice of wood species for one, from cypress and cedar to pressure treated pine, making the right choice here could make a world of difference for the appearance of your yard. Another thing to consider when you’re looking over wood fencing is the many different layouts available. You could always choose the standard dog-eared design for a classic look, but you could also do a board on board style. Going with a board on board offers more privacy because the little space typically left between slats is not utilized in this particular cedar privacy fence style. Another option is the shadow box pattern, this utilizes the cross beams with the slats alternating which side they’re on, giving you a shadow appearance from the holes left open. All offer their own degree of privacy, as well as offering a different appearance for your yard, making the right selection is key, giving your home a personalized feel based entirely on your own chosen design.

The newer, more popular these days, option for privacy fencing is to go with a vinyl material in place of the wood fencing. The biggest benefits being a much easier material to maintain, as well as the fact that you don’t have to worry about the natural wearing down of the slats to the point of breaking. You can typically clean vinyl fencing with a compound of soap and water, just hosing it down with a little extra pressure. Another benefit is that being vinyl there are tons of options for designs that provide privacy for homeowners. You can go with a modified version of the standard cedar privacy fence, but another option that’s become popular of late is to get vinyl fencing that is made to have an exterior facade that looks like it’s a stone fence. These provide an amazing look for your yard while also offering up privacy with no gaps between slats to be seen through. It’s also a much more cost effective way to achieve the look of a solid stone wall around your yard without all the maintenance required.

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