Our Policy on Privacy

Vinyl Privacy Fence and Door

As a fence company, we’re in the privacy business. You need it. We provide it. As more homeowners choose to install privacy fences to help secure their property and lower insurance premiums, having clear definitions about the purpose of the fence helps to determine the material and style of the fence. The nine most popular reasons why homeowners choose privacy fencing are:

  • Security – A privacy fence makes it more difficult to discern if there are valuable items on the premises, plus it is harder to climb.
  • Define boundaries – Property definition leaves no question as to what features belong to which property owner.
  • Safeguard pools and ponds – If your yard contains a water feature, a privacy fence is a must for safety reasons and often required by code.
  • Animal control – Keeping pets in and other animals out is a top reason to install a fence.
  • Privacy – A privacy fence can protect you from inquisitive bystanders and keep your business your own.
  • Add beauty – A privacy fence can block out unwanted views.
  • Windbreak – If you live in an open area with few houses around, a privacy fence can provide and excellent windbreak.
  • Garden enhancement – Fences make great supports for climbing plants and vines, giving the gardener more room to grow, especially in small spaces.
  • Investment – A durable and well-built privacy fence may add value to and increase the marketability of your property.