How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost?

Red Cedar Wood Privacy Fence

Long Fence offers a cornucopia of diverse fencing styles, but the privacy fence is among our most popular. Privacy fences provide you with an aesthetically pleasing fencing option to increase both the value AND the security of your home. Privacy fences can keep unwanted noise and sights out of your house, and protect your loved […]

Winter Paver Care

Push Broom for Snow Removal

With temperatures dipping into the forties and precipitation being more prevalent, this is not the best time of year to seal your pavers because they never fully dry out. You can extend the life and beauty of your pavers with a good cleaning. Brick cleaning is usually done to remove tree sap, mold, mildew, other stains and fallen leaves. Once you have cleaned your pavers, remove any additional fallen leaves so they do not stain the bricks. Brick cleaning is much more effective to paver areas that were previously sealed so be sure to seal your pavers next spring, when the weather warms up.