Picking From a Variety of Fence Options

Tan and White Vinyl Privacy Fence

Fences provide your property with a variety of benefits. A properly installed fence helps to keep your dog in the yard without constant supervision, and a fence reduces access to your property to keep predatory animals and criminals away. When fencing is secured around a pool, it greatly limits risks of accidental drownings. Did you know that approximately 10 people die every day by drowning? The majority of drownings involve children who have unsupervised access to a pool.

When you think about adding a fence to your property, consider residential fencing ideas. There are a wide variety of fences you can choose from that match your personal taste and property decor. Fence options include wooden, metal, and vinyl varieties, and each type of fence has its own unique set of benefits.

1. Wooden fences are created out of cedar and redwood types of boards. A natural look is offered with a plain polyurethane coating, or a stain can be added to deepen the natural grain and tone of the wood. Painting is an option too, so you can create a traditional white picket fence or a fence that perfectly matches outdoor furniture or siding colors. Wood fences offer the best privacy, due to the close placement of planks and heights that are secured at either six or 10 feet. If you want to make your fence disappear, then natural wood varieties mesh perfectly against the outdoor environment.

2. Both wrought iron and chain link fences are good metal fence options. Wrought iron fences are nearly impenetrable and impossible to scale. This makes them a great security investment. Also, the iron fencing can match Victorian style homes with curved accents, pointed caps, and well-designed rails built in. When you choose a chain linnkfence, you provide your property with security too, but at a lower cost. Also, the chains are considered highly durable and even stylish when black, brown, or green slats are slipped in the fence.

3. When you consider residential fencing ideas and vinyl materials, you have the most options available to you. Vinyl comes in many colors, textures, and shapes due to the versatile nature of the manufacturing process. For a country feel and decorative style, consider lattice vinyl fencing that creates a criss-cross pattern. Victorian accented fences are an option too, and so is Westminster fencing with unique patterns. When it comes to textures, stone, wood, and smooth choices are available. In terms of color, more than 40 shades of vinyl are available with five or more wood grain tones. The vinyl not only allows you endless residential fencing ideas, but adverse weather conditions have little effect on the vinyl materials.

After you have worked through all of the residential fencing ideas, make sure to hire fence contractors for installation. These professionals place fences deep in the ground in a thick layer of concrete to ensure stability and longevity.