How To Choose Fence Styles

How To Choose Fence Styles

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There are nearly 100,000 businesses in America that sell fences or fence-related products and services. Are you wondering how to know which fence styles are right for the fences for homes? How to choose a fence? Fencing a baseball diamond or fencing a pool is quite different, after all, from the custom fencing that you want to complement your home. Here are some types of residential fencing that you can decide between when planning your property.

Wood Fence Styles

Wood fence designs are among the most popular and attractive options on the market. They are also relatively inexpensive, with pressure treated fence posts costing around $10. A wooden fence will go great with a wooden deck made of the same material or a matching color of wood. Having a deck is a great way of adding to your home's value, too -- as much as 87% on the original investment.

Metal Fence Styless

Aluminum and steel fences are durable options that hold up to the elements and create a clear boundary. Attractive aluminum fences can add property value to the home while returning 65% on your investment, and are suitable for more heavy duty purposes (sports, keeping pets in, etc). Alternatively, wrought iron fences are an elegant touch.


Although gazebos are not technically fences, most fence installation companies will install gazebos and canopies on your property. Match them with your wooden fences for ultimate appeal.

Vinyl Fence Styles

Although a bit unconventional, residential vinyl fences are a safe, strong and modern form of fence choices. They are often preferable for their low maintenance.

Bamboo Fence Styles

Bamboo privacy fences add a touch of Asian design to your property while serving as a nice natural screen from prying eyes.

The Takeaway
Talk to your local fence companies and see if they have any options for your home's fencing design. Whether it's fencing for tennis courts, adding new gates and fences, or coming up with unique wood fence designs for your property, there are many options to explore. Leave us a comment with your thoughts and experiences.

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