Cut Yourself Off From the Craziness of Life With Picket Fences

Cut Yourself Off From the Craziness of Life With Picket Fences

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There's nothing quite like sitting in the backyard enjoying nature while escaping the craziness of everyday life. But what could make it even better? For some it might be putting out chairs or picnic tables, but many completely underestimate the effect that picket fences could bring to their home.

Considering that yards may act as a calm space for some, blocking out the rest of the world could make relaxing outdoors even more enjoyable. According to United States zoning committee experts, an estimated 80 to 90% of applications for fences are attempting to do just that. The picket fences used for these purposes are called stockade fences which reach up to large heights which can also act as extra security from animals and potential intruders.

Because most fences encompass an entire yard, some may believe that it is an expensive endeavor. However, the average pressure treated fence post runs for an average cost of $10 per piece in the United States. Pressure treated wood fences are a good choice for material considering that they are rot and insect resistant thanks to a rugged exterior. Not only will this keep the fence in good aesthetic condition, but it will also help homeowners avoid the need to pay for replacement posts in the future.

If you're looking for even further longevity and a low maintenance fence, the aluminum option might be the way to go. Aluminum will last for a very long time, and there's no risk of deterioration. If you plan on eventually selling your home, aluminum fences can also increase the value of the house. A traditional looking white aluminum fence can improve the home's curb appeal, offering a return on investment of up to 65%.

If you find you don't feel as removed from the world in your own yard as you would like, picket fences are an easy to install, and long lasting option.

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