The Fence Around Your Home -- You Have a Lot of Options You May Not Have Considered!

The Fence Around Your Home -- You Have a Lot of Options You May Not Have Considered!

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The fence industry is big business in the United States. Each year, about $51 billion in revenue is generated by fencing and construction companies. That might seem a bit high at first, but don't forget that an overwhelming percentage of homes have at least some fencing around them. 

Typically, a municipality will have at least a corrugated metal fence installed and maintained around residential and commercial properties as a default. These are the types of fences you probably climbed when you were younger -- they're cheap, effective, and usually go up around the edges of a plot of land, to denote where the property's boundaries are. Otherwise, we'd be walking all over our neighbor's property all the time! No explanation needed as to how much troublethat could cause.

Baltimore fencing companies are finding themselves amidst a very friendly economic climate for redevelopment and construction. With much of the city under constant reconstruction and with Washington, D.C. being so close, the sheer amount of things that are constantly being built, knocked down, refurbished, or relocated is astonishing. Baltimore fencing numbers are slightly higher than the average national numbers for that reason, sporting an impressive annual growth rate of about 2.2%. Each year, more and more fences are going up in the Monument city, and it's generating a lot of jobs and a lot of dollars.

According to experts inside the industry who deal primarily with zoning committee analysis, 80 to 90% of all applications for fences are for stockade fences. These you've likely seen a little less commonly than the corrugated metal fences we all have in our homes. They're the taller, wooden fences you might consider "privacy fences," which homeowners sometimes paint to accent their home. Some wood fence designs are simple, while others can be elegant and over-the-top.

Regardless of what fence style you find appropriate for your property, contact industry-leading Long Fence today for more information on how you can protect and style your property.

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