Looking to Sell Your Home? Start With Curb Appeal and Get a New Fence First!

Looking to Sell Your Home? Start With Curb Appeal and Get a New Fence First!

A lot of people don't consider too many factors when it comes to wood fence design. According to experts in` the fencing industry, upwards of 90% of applications for residential fences were for private stockade fences. We're all familiar with these -- and statistically speaking, you're likely to have a stockade fence or the similarly popular iron grate design around your own property.

Due to the popularity of the above fence styles, Americans generally aren't too familiar with the options at their disposal, nor are they familiar with the benefits afforded to them by different types of fences. There's metal fencing, wooden fencing, and even composite fencing, which is made from a wide array of materials that make the fence extra resistant to the elements.

For example, a well-built, durable, and well-maintained aluminium fence around a home can net the homeowner upwards of 67% more money from the sale of their home than they would otherwise get if they didn't have one. While a fence is meant to serve a practical purpose (keeping your property contained), experts estimate that the increased curb appeal from these installments is the likely reason they return so much of their initial installation costs to the homeowner. People love a great looking fence, even if it's not just the plain old wood fence design we're all used to.

It's not just fences, either. There are droves of renovation projects available to any homeowner looking to increase the aesthetic value, resale value, and livability of their home. When selling a home, experts advise homeowners to consider making an addition like a patio, or a deck. The reason being is that the United States real estate market typically sees homeowners getting around 87% of their initial investments back upon sale of their homes, if an investment into a wooden patio or deck of some kind is made.

A lot of the decks -- experts estimate over half of those in existence in America today -- are older than 20 years old. So it seems perfectly reasonable that having a modern, attractive deck can really entice potential buyers.

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