4 Reasons for Building a Wood Deck

4 Reasons for Building a Wood Deck

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Sometimes, the best part about a new home isn't what's inside it, but what's outside it. We all dream of being able to sit outside on our new wood decks, soaking up the sun, maybe with nice glasses of lemonade. If you love to spend time outdoors and want to have a beautiful place to do so, you should explore the different options for building a wood deck.

Building a Wood Deck Adds Value

We at Long Fence already know how much value building a wood deck can add our clients’ lives, but they also add a considerable amount of value to their homes.

When starting a home project, it's important to know how long your project is going to last. When properly maintained, wood decks can last more than 20 years. And that’s borne out by the facts; more than 40 million wood decks are over 20 years old. Think about how much time you'll be able to spend outdoors in 20 years! If longevity isn't enough of a selling point for you, consider the following: Wood decks have an average investment return of about 81 percent.

That means that wood decks practically pay for themselves. (If you ever even decide to sell your beautiful, deck-equipped home, that is.) And if you really want to increase your home's market value, consider investing in a fence as well. A well-maintained chain link fence, for example, can offer a 65 percent investment return.

Building a Wood Deck Fixes Yard Problems

There are lots of wood decks you can choose from, and your choice of wooden deck construction can actually help you fix certain issues with your property. Here are just a few of the ways that outdoor wood decks can help you make the most of your space.

Building a wood deck can fix a slope

Some homes are built on top of or into hills, making the backyards steep and sloped. You can make a less precarious place to gather by building a wood deck into the slope, giving you gradual surface steps instead of a sledding hill. Then you'll be able to enjoy your backyard without having to worry about tumbling down into the brush. This is also a good idea for families who have children that need a safe outdoor place to play.

Building a wood deck can make small spaces larger

If your home is on the tiny side, then you know the value of maximizing your space. What better way to do that than to take your space outside? The addition of a wood deck can help give you a little more elbow room, which you can use for parties, outdoor dinners or anything else you can think of.

Building a wood deck can make your home Unique

One of the best benefits of building a wood deck (besides helping to employ some of the 129,518 people who are part of the deck and patio construction industry) is that it can set your home apart from the rest. Think about unique ideas like a front entry deck, a backyard firepit and more.

Wood Decks Are Easy to Maintain

Those 40 million wooden decks in the U.S. that are over 20 years old could look to be about twice that without the proper care and maintenance.

Fortunately, there are ways homeowners can make sure their outdoor wood decks stay in tip-top shape, no matter how old they are. Here are just a few.

Fix Nail Pops

One of the easiest ways to make sure residential decks stay in mint condition is to take care of any nail pops — any nail that's worked its way loose from a board. You should simply remove it with a cat's paw or a hammer, and then screw in a screw that's longer than the original nail to reattach the board.

Take Care of the Surrounding Elements

There are a lot of things other than time and weather that can put wear and tear on wood decks. Trees, downspouts, and clutter can all cause wood decks to rot and age prematurely. Homeowners would be wise to trim nearby bushes and trees so that they're all at least a foot away from the deck, to clean up leaves and other debris piling up in the corners, and to move deck furniture around to avoid discoloration.

Stain and Seal It

Residential decks are not UV-proof, but they can be. A clear wood preservative that contains a UV protector can preserve the wood without changing its color and bring new life to the surface. There are even colored, UV-protective stainers that can make wood decks' colors even more rich.

Secondly, waterproof finishes need to be applied to wood decks to keep moisture out. It is, after all, a killer for outdoor wood decks, since it can cause mold to grow, warping to set in, and cracking and splitting to ruin the wood. This needs to be done before or after the winter and can't be done during.

Clean Them Off

One of the most important things homeowners need to do to care for their outdoor decks and patios is to keep them clean. All fungi, dirt, mildew, algae, rust stains, leaves, sticks, branches, and other debris need to be thoroughly removed. If this hasn't been done already, then it should be done on the first sunny, warmish day that comes around.

Shovel Them Off

Last but definitely not least, residential decks need to get shoveled off. How can homeowners enjoy them when there's a ton of icy particulate gathered on the ground? It's best to use plastic shovels, though, when clearing residential decks of snow, as metal ones will damage the wood. Most residential decks don't need to be entirely shoveled off. A path is usually fine, but it would be wise to clear the whole thing off since it would ensure that less moisture sits for long periods of time.

If you have any questions about these tips, feel free to contact us, and our team of experts will help you out.

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