Bring Style to Your Property with a Custom Fence Gate

Bring Style to Your Property with a Custom Fence Gate


Whether you're thinking of selling your home in the future, or you want something to enjoy for years to come, custom fence gates can make a huge difference. The custom fence gate options on this list will upgrade your property and hold up to years of use. Customize your fence with the perfect fence gate to add flawless style to your home. Read on to learn more about which fence gate options are right for you!

Custom Fence Gate Width

You'll use your custom fence gate for a specific purpose, so think about who or what will go through the gate on a regular basis. Is your gate just for pedestrians, or will it need to accommodate cars or other vehicles? Customize your fence gate to make any task easy, whether it's letting horses in and out of the pasture or keeping a privacy fence secure.

Custom Fence Gate Height and Shape

If you've invested in a quality fence, you want to have a gate that fits perfectly. Our gates are easily customized to match the exact height of any fence for a designer look. While most custom fence gates come with a level top and bottom, we can match ours to the exact shape of your fence. Give your home the flawless style it needs with the perfect fence gate.

Custom Fence Gate Latch and Lock Mechanisms

Custom fence gates are an important part of your security system. Customize the latch and lock mechanisms for the level of security that's right for your home. For example, you might want a child-proof lock for your pool to ensure that your kids are always safe. You may choose a garden gate that is easy to go in and out of, or a property gate with a security latch to keep your yard secure. Whatever your individual needs are, Long Fence has a customized lock and latch mechanism to match.

Sloped Property

Most fence gates require flat surfaces, but we also offer several options for sloped properties. Professional experts build your gate so it opens with ease, even on sloped ground. These professionals examine the location where you want the gate to go, so you're sure to get a fit that is right for your property.

Walk, Garden, and Pool Gates

These types of gates come with many decorative options while keeping their functionality. Our representatives will help you choose a style that matches seamlessly with your fence and property. Get a professional design from one of our experts that not only meets your needs, but upgrades the look of your home.

Driveway and Vehicular Gates

If you work hard to maintain the beauty or privacy of your home, a driveway gate is a must-have. Prevent unwanted traffic and maintain the high-style look of your property with one of these gates. With 70 years of manufacturing experience, Long Fence is the only choice for driveway and vehicular fence gates. We mount all driveway gates to a large enough post, wall, or pillar to support the gate even with frequent use. Customize them with a slide or swing mechanism and a wide variety of materials and styles to fit the look of your property.

Custom Fence Gate Material

Just like fences, custom fence gates come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. To complete a metal fence, choose one of our powder-coated iron or aluminum options. Wood fence gates are also a great option and offer lots of flexibility in shape and design. Whatever you choose, we'll make sure it enhances your property and adheres to all regulations from the city, county, and your homeowner's association.

Wooden Gates

If you have a wood fence surrounding the front of your property, you should consider gate options that will complement your fence and still add appeal. For example, if you have a white picket fence, you could consider a white trellis to arch over the entry or a pair of simple lighted posts to frame the gate. You don't want an entrance so grand and elaborate that it would dwarf the picket fence and make it seem insignificant beside the gate structure.

If you have a six-foot wooden privacy fence encircling your yard, you could craft a more elaborate feature such as a stone structure to enclose the gate. Or you could create an art element in the gate with exotic woods. You still can have your initials or a family crest inserted into the face of the gate to truly personalize your home.

Wrought Iron Gates

If your property is bounded by a wrought iron fence, you have many creative options to making the gate unique. The simplest idea is to make a more elaborate design with the wrought iron to make the personalized gate fit your family's personality. Again, you could frame the gate with a stone structure and create an arch that would span the gate. Or maybe you'd prefer to create a weathered wood gate crossed with wrought iron to give an older feel to the entrance.

Stone Gates

If a stone fence sets apart your front lawn, mixing wrought iron and/or weathered wood can continue that earthy appeal while making your entrance uniquely elegant. Traditional lampposts also can be added to make a warm, appealing entrance.

With so many options to customize your fence gates, you can bring the perfect designer style to your property. To learn more about choosing the perfect gate or to get a completely free estimate, please contact us!

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