Privacy Fence Designs To Fit Your Dream Look

Privacy Fence with Lattice

Besides fencing out neighborhood children, pets and other creatures, privacy fences are also exceptionally decorative. Another benefit is that they can reduce noise, serve as a buffer between your property and your neighbors’ yards and prevent harmful winds from affecting delicate plants and flowers. What’s more, your kids can enjoy playing without bothering your neighbors. If you’re considering a privacy fence, here’s the privacy fence designs that we have to offer.

Wood Privacy Fence Designs

Although wood privacy fence designs cost more than vinyl fences, they’re exceptionally attractive. These fences can be constructed from cedar, bamboo and other woods.

Just as vinyl privacy fencing, wood fences also give you exceptional security. On a down note, they need more maintenance as you have to paint or stain them. Also, they need to be treated so that they’re protected from bugs and other creatures

Vinyl Privacy Fence Designs

Vinyl privacy fence designs are virtually maintenance free and last a long time. You can easily install them, they’re affordable and are an excellent privacy fence for both rural and suburban homes.

Their tongue and groove pickets lock together so that you can enjoy total privacy. These privacy fences come in a wide range of designs, colors and styles. Their most common use is for enclosing pools or houses where safety and privacy are primary concerns. They  generally come in white and tan, although you can also match and mix colors for creating a dual-tone effect.

Common Privacy Fence Designs

Privacy fence designs come several styles. One of the most common styles is a lattice fence, which is so-named for it criss-cross lattice that’s on its top rail. If you choose a lattice fence, be sure the top rail is strong enough to supports the lattice.

Most lattice fences come in heights of six feet high. They typically cost more than full privacy tongue and groove fences, but they’re very cosmetically appealing. Although lattice fences have a tight pattern, you don’t feel totally isolated as you can peak through the holes to see what’s on the other side.

Other main privacy fence designs include:

  • Westminster fences—You can also see through a Westminster privacy fence. However, rather than going in a crisscross pattern, it goes vertical and horizontal.
  • Victorian accent fences—For total privacy, install this type of fence. It has a decorative lattice design, but it’s above the top rail so that you still have full privacy.
  • Stone texture fences—This style, which is somewhat new, has the appearance of stone or granite, although it’s flexible because it’s vinyl. Stone textured privacy fences are ideal choices for enclosing pools or landscapes featuring stones.
  • Lock board fences—This style provides a consistent, graceful look and is excellent for rolling ground.

Considerations and Warnings

  • Consider  how much privacy you need. For ultimate privacy, you’ll probably want something like a lattice tongue and grove cedar fence. But if you only need a small degree of privacy, then a semi-private vinyl fence will suffice.
  • Before choosing a particular privacy fence, check with your home association or your town hall for any restrictions regarding the height and type of a fence that’s allowed.

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