Protect Your Dog with Backyard Wood Fencing

Wood Picket Fence

It can be a nice feeling when your dog can roam around in your backyard without having to worry about them getting lost or injured because of their curiosity. Putting up a wood fence around your backyard is an excellent way to protect your dog and make you feel good about letting them roam free outside. Here are some things to consider when making the safest environment with backyard wood fencing.

The Height of Your Backyard Wood Fencing 

Depending on the size of your dog, you may need to up the height of the backyard wood fencing, and this is because tall and large dogs are known to jump great heights. In general, a 6-foot tall fence should be more than enough, but your final decision should be based on your personal assessment with your own dog.

Climb Prevention with Your Backyard Wood Fencing 

It is not uncommon for dogs to climb over fences by using their front legs to latch onto the top of a fence, and then their back legs to push themselves over the top. In order to dog-proof your fence, you need to prevent this from being a potential problem, which is easy to do with coyote rollers. Coyote rollers are placed on the top of backyard wood fencing and prevent dogs or coyotes from being able to get a grip to climb over.

How to Prevent Digging with Your Backyard Wood Fencing 

While it really depends on the size and determination of your dog, you may want to consider chicken wire or paved slabs to prevent your dog from digging their way to the outside of your property. Help keep your dog within your property with backyard wood fencing.

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