Quality Fencing for Your Home

Vinyl Paddock in Backyard

Good fences make good neighbors and our fence company makes good fences. If you are looking to enhance the privacy of your property, or just looking to enhance the look of your property you need to look at Long Fence’s selection of residential fences. With nearly 70 years experience building fences, we can find a fence that fits your needs. Long Fence offers privacy fence styles, semi privacy fence styles, and picket fence styles. In addition, these different styles come in a variety of materials, including: wood, vinyl, ornamental iron, aluminum, and chain link.

In addition to a variety of fence styles and materials, Long fence also has a wide selection of gates. Our various gate styles include: walk gates, garden gates, driveway gates, vehicular gates, swimming pool gates, and automated gates. Our walk and driveway gates can be framed with stone or brick pillars.

Picture the outside of your house as it is now. Now picture the outside of your house with a beautiful driveway gate accentuating the entrance to your driveway. Picture an ornamental iron gate wrapping around your yard. This is just one example of how residential fencing from Long Fence can enhance the look of your home.

In addition to a wide selection of new residential fences, Long fence can also provide Fence repair. Even if your fence was not originally built by Long Fence, we can provide repairs to it.

For more information on how Long fence can help make the outside of your home more beautiful please contact us today.