The Best Places to Install an Aluminum Fence

Ornamental Aluminum Antietam Series

Fences are an important part of keeping your home, children, and pets safe and providing your home with the necessary privacy. They also add an aesthetic value to a space beyond their functionality, so it’s important to choose the right fence for your home’s landscaping and look.

Aluminum fencing has numerous benefits and is a great choice for a number of different locations. Aluminum is lightweight, but it’s also extraordinarily strong. It is known for having the strength of a classic wrought iron fence, even though it weighs significantly less. Aluminum fencing is resistant to wind, weather, and pests or animals. It’s also naturally resistant to corrosion and rust, and therefore remains strong even though it requires very little maintenance. Aluminum fencing is fairly indestructible and can last for decades.

Besides being incredibly strong, aluminum fencing is extremely versatile. Aluminum fencing can be adjusted to fit the landscape and ground level of your yard, even if the ground is uneven or sloped. Fencing direct carries aluminum fencing in a number of heights, colors, and style options, so it’s easy to choose the right look and style for you and your home. No matter what landscape your home sits on or what kind of fence you’re looking for, aluminum fencing carries enough versatility to meet you where you are.

Fences have many purposes. Fences are an important part of keeping your home, children, and pets safe, and providing your home with necessary privacy. They add an aesthetic value to a space beyond their functionality, so it’s important to choose the right fence for your home’s landscaping and look. And they are important for dividing spaces. Below, we’ve detailed the best places to install an Aluminum Fence, all for different reasons.

In the Front Yard

Aluminum fencing is perfect for a front yard because it looks great and will increase the value of your home. Even though investing an aluminum fence may seem like a high cost up front, the investment pays off over time. For one, aluminum fences are very durable and require little to no maintenance, meaning that it is a one-time investment, unlike wood fencing. And, because they are so strong, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have to perform extensive repairs. Aluminum fences are also less expensive than wrought iron fences, so you get a whole new look for your home and the aesthetic value of wrought iron without much of a price tag.

The see-through nature of aluminum fencing creates an openness to your front yard, while continuing to protect your property. Aluminum fencing makes your yard feel much more spacious than other fencing, like solid wood or vinyl fencing. If you have a particularly spectacular garden, aluminum fencing is the perfect way to create a boundary between your yard and the neighborhood, while still showing off your beautiful plants.

In the Back Yard

Aluminum fencing is perfect for a backyard because it’s incredibly sturdy and secure. Aluminum is lightweight and easy to install, but it’s also incredibly difficult to break. This protects your home from potential intruders. It is also incredibly resilient during weather events, like hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding. They are resistant to rust, and don’t have many of the pitfalls other types of fencing do, like wood rot, wear and tear, and wood rot.

An aluminum fence in the backyard is also perfect for children and pets because it creates a contained and safe place for them to play without worrying about messing up the fence. Aluminum fencing requires little maintenance to keep it going, and will survive hard hits from soccer or basketballs, fort building, and other debauchery. Its openness also allows children to connect to neighbors, friends, and the world passing by, while still securing a safe space that is just their own.

Around a Pool

Aluminum fencing is perfect for fencing around a pool because it’s incredibly versatile and can be adjusted to adhere to any rules regarding pool fencing heights. Many local jurisdictions have rules regarding pool fence height, but aluminum fencing comes in many shapes and sizes and is easy to conform to the standards your area has. All of Long Fence’s aluminum fences follow BOCA swimming pool safety codes. These codes require that aluminum fences be at least 4 feet tall and have no more than 4 inches between each rail picket and the bottom of the fence and the ground. We have experience conforming to the rules and regulations required for pools, and are happy to provide insight.

Fencing is incredibly important around a pool because it keeps both your family, guests, and neighbors. In fact, many jurisdictions require a fence for safety reasons. If a guest or neighborhood child falls into an unfenced pool on your property and is hurt, you can be held legally responsible.

At your Business

Aluminum fencing is perfect for your business because it protects your business’ property. Especially because businesses do not frequently have individuals on-site at night or after hours, it’s important to have adequate protection around the building. Aluminum fencing is perfect because it doesn’t close your business off from the street visually, but it’s also incredibly strong and makes it difficult for anyone to enter your property at nighttime.

Aluminum fencing is also extremely important to care for, which is important in a heavily trafficked office that will likely have other frequent maintenance concerns. It requires little upkeep or cleaning, and will last a long time, so you won’t have to spend valuable time worrying about how much longer your fence will last.

The Perfect Fencing

All in all—no matter where you are considering installing a fence, there are a myriad of reasons that aluminum fencing is the perfect fencing. From your front to backyards, around your pool, or at your business, aluminum fencing has many advantages. It is strong, durable, safe, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing, and will make any space feel more complete.