Unique Ideas for Creating Residential Gazebos in your Backyard

Gazebo and White Pergola

A residential gazebo is something you and your family will enjoy spending time in, and also makes a great spot for entertaining. These days, gazebos vary so much in design and features that the number of options is virtually unlimited. Here are some unique gazebo ideas you may want to consider for your own property.

  • Create a rustic residential gazebo using tree trunks for the base, and creating a roof with wooden shingles. Add a wooden walkway leading up to it to make it easy to access from anywhere.
  • Another idea for a rustic gazebo involves making a “split rail” fence to go along the outside of your gazebo. The roof can then be made from wooden beams, thatch or bamboo.
  • Rather than having your residential gazebo in the center of your yard, why not make it an extension of your house instead? You can extend a covered walkway or porch rather easily this way, and take advantage of a relatively small amount of space as well.
  • Use plants to create a gazebo by building a garden arch and then adding climbing vines to it.
  • Residential gazebos don’t have to be round. Consider making a square or rectangular one for something a bit different. Build a flat pergola-style roof, and you have the perfect spot for hanging baskets of flowers.
  • Add outdoor curtains to your gazebo so you can open and close them as needed for privacy. This works well when you build a wooden gazebo with vinyl roof, as it provides somewhat of a tent-like appearance.
  • Rather than having a residential gazebo made from just wood or vinyl, consider using brick or natural stone to build part of it. This is an especially good idea if you plan on adding an outdoor fireplace to your gazebo as well.

These are just a few of the ideas we could come up with for building an outdoor gazebo. We’re sure you can think of others, so when you do, give the best fence company a ring for help in building it.