We’ve Been Working on the Railroad

Sound Attenuator Fence

Long® Fence recently completed installation of a wood soundwall fence for Handwerk Construction at the Norfolk Southern railway intermodal facility in Greencastle, PA, about 20 miles north of Hagerstown, MD. A soundwall, also called a noise barrier, sound berm or acoustical barrier is an exterior structure designed to protect sensitive land uses from noise pollution. Noise barriers are the most effective method of mitigating roadway, railway, and industrial noise sources.

Long® Fence is continuing with installation of a 9-ft. commercial chain link perimeter fence and gates at the facility. The Greencastle facility will be part of a high-capacity, 2,500-mile intermodal route spanning from New Jersey to Louisiana that touches 26 percent of the nation’s population and 30 percent of the nation’s manufacturing output. The 200-acre, $95 million intermodal facility will serve as a hub for traffic moving between the gulf coast and the northeast. When fully operational, it will handle more rail freight traffic faster and more reliably. It is expected to open in 2012.