What to Look for in Dog-Friendly, Privacy, and Pool Fences

Red Cedar Wood Privacy Fence

In many communities around the U.S., palisade aluminum fences are a popular option for keeping a yard enclosed without obstructing the overall view. In Alaska, though, the local moose population is running into trouble with the gothic-style fences. The moose are, in fact, not just running into the fences — they’re getting caught right on top of them.

According to Anchorage Daily News, one to two moose are killed annually thanks to the spear-tipped outdoor fences. The Planning and Zoning Commission is currently reviewing new rules regarding these fences, in order to keep the moose safe.

Although fences might not be friends to moose in Alaska, throughout most of the rest of the U.S., they provide a valuable safety, security, and privacy option with no greater risk than having to repaint or re-stain the finish every few years. That isn’t to say, though, that every fence type is great for every family. Certain fences are ideal for different needs. What type of fence should you be looking for? Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Dog-Friendly Fences
Did you know that dogs can often develop anxiety and stress when they can see passerby, but not reach them? For this reason, solid, no-gap fences, such as wooden fences or vinyl fences, are often ideal. For larger dogs, you will need to take jump height into consideration — many are capable of scaling a four-foot wall. Make sure your fence is far enough away from tables, chairs and sheds that your dog might use as a “launching pad” to reach the other side of the fence.

Pool Fences
If you’re looking for a pool fence, not just any fence will do. It’s important to make sure that any fence you place around a pool is up to the standards of local laws and ordinances, which vary by city. Most locations will require pool fences to have a self-latching gate, and will regulate the allowable height and picket gap of your fence.

Small Privacy Fences
When you don’t have much backyard to yourself, you want the backyard you do have to be private and peaceful. Wooden fences are popular for privacy fencing because they blend well with existing architecture and landscaping. Keep in mind that even a small fence needs to be cared for. If you don’t keep debris and leaves away from the fence bottom, rotting and insect damage can eat away at the wood. For a more low-maintenance option, families may choose vinyl fences.

Would you use aluminum, vinyl or wooden fences in your backyard? Contact the best fence company in the nation to learn more.