What’s the Right Fence for Your Needs? Three Things Worth Keeping in Mind

Board on Board Wood Privacy Fence

Did you know that there is one important instance where fences are not a good idea? A recent article in Science makes the point that fencing in endangered species does more harm than good. Many animals need large territories for the purpose of finding water and resources for survival. Studies have also shown that fences can impact the predator-prey dynamic.

Most of us, as it turns out, don’t need to worry about elephants or cheetahs when it comes to putting up our fences. Instead, our concerns are somewhat more mundane: is it the right color? Will it blend well with my existing landscaping? Will it keep the neighbors from watching our every move when we have a backyard barbecue? 

What’s the right fence for your outdoor privacy needs? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Figure Out What it is You Want to Prioritize

Most people tend to have a #1 priority when it comes to fencing (or anything else!). You might value a traditional-looking fence, but find that your first concern is longevity. Alternatively, you might not be concerned about replacing the fence. No one fence is good for everything. For more traditional looking “pretty” fencing, wooden or wrought iron fences will be ideal. For maximum security and durability, chain link fences can be a good investment.

2. Custom Fencing Can be Everything You Want it to Be

If you feel that your yard doesn’t fit into the “one size fits all” dynamic, then custom fencing might be a great option. The design options are endless and the fence can be made to suite the dynamics of your landscape. Popular custom options include glass fencing for pool areas, intricate white picket fencing for garden areas, and motifs at the top of wooden fences.

3. Will a Fence Last Forever?

No. Fences do not last forever, and they often require upkeep, which should be part of your initial consideration. Wooden fences need to be tended to, so that rot and insects do not eat away at them — vinyl should be periodically cleaned of algae. Painted fences will need periodic touch ups. If you live in an area that frequently experiences precipitation as well as thaw periods (cold to warm), after several years you will likely notice the fence shifting as the ground changes.