Why Are House Fences So Overwhelmingly Popular With Homeowners?

Spaced Board Wood Fence with Dip

Believe it or not, according to U.S. zoning committee experts, some 80-90% of the applications for house fences are for privacy fences, and for good reason, too. Here are just a few of the ways house fences can improve your home, your property, and your life.

House Fences Improve Privacy
Obviously, privacy fences improve a home’s privacy, but in more ways than you might think. First of all, these house fences come in different heights and styles, allowing homeowners to choose whether or not they’d like their neighbors to be able to see into their yards or not. They can build shorter privacy fences with more gaps in between each plank for a simple way to keep unwanted animals and guests out, or they can build tall, dense privacy fences to add more seclusion to their yard. Secondly, when the materials are sufficient, privacy fences can also act as sound barriers. Sound moves through the air as a wave, and as such, it follows the path of least resistance. When there is high resistance, sound has trouble getting through. Thick, solid privacy fences, thus, can help keep the commotion of noisy neighbors from intruding upon their peace of mind.

House Fences Improve Curb Appeal
House fences have an aesthetically pleasing quality about them, and they lend this aesthetic quality to whatever property they surround, no matter what type of material they’re made out of. Both aluminum fences, and wood fences can improve curb appeal, and — best of all — they’re cost efficient. Not only do aluminum fences provide a return on investment of about 65%, but pressure treated wood fence posts cost about $10 apiece, while planks can cost between $6 to $15 per foot depending on their height.

House Fences Improve Home Protection
Last but far from least, house fences can improve a home’s security. A fence is a literal barrier between a property and the outside world. While it is possible for skilled burglars to scale even the most unclimbable fences, homeowners can plant thorny plants around the inside of their fence, like rose bushes, which will make their fences even more secure.

Adding residential fencing to your house is a great idea, and you should call a fence company to do it today.