Why Buy a Custom Fence?

Custom Commercial Railing

Not all fence jobs will be the cookie-cutter white picket fence around a perfectly trim front lawn. Many people look to fences to fulfill a variety of needs. For example, fences can delineate yards, enhance security, or create enclosures. For these reasons, there can be many challenges and needs when planning for a fence. If you think your fence job will be harder than most, you should look to a company, such as Long Fence, that specializes in custom jobs to get a fence that meets all of your needs.

One fence concern that cannot be met with a ready-made fence is the need for higher security. You may be looking for a taller fence than average with access control technology, for example. Whether this is for your sense of security at home or for protecting our business in a commercial setting, a company specializing in custom fences can work with you to meet your security needs. Custom fabricators can meet whatever height you ask for and talk to you through custom gate security at whatever level you need.

Your house and your property do not necessarily come ready-made to fit a prefabricated fence. More than often than not, homeowners require a fence with atypical spatial dimensions. You may have a small yard. You may be looking for a fence to enclose something other than the typical yard, such as your trash bins, a pool, or a play space. In these cases where you need a fence that is irregularly large or abnormally small, a company that can custom fabricate will be able to tell you how to build a fence that fits your precise needs. In this way, you can figure out the best way to get a fence that fits perfectly.

Another unique need you may consider, in addition to size, is the slope. Your property may not lay flat but instead, slope at irregular angles throughout or at points in your yard. A prefabricated fence will not be able to cope with these qualifications. Again, to fit your needs, you should look to a company like Long Fence that can work with your precise requirements instead of asking you to compromise on your fencing needs. Custom fabricated fences can account for as many slopes or irregular angles as is necessary.

Working with a custom fabricator will ensure that you get a fence that meets your security and aesthetic needs regardless of your unique qualifications. Fence companies like Long Fence can use their custom fabrication plant and their expertise to work with you to meet any of your unique needs. Not only does this serve your logistical needs, but your design requests as well. With custom fabrication, you have access to artistically designed panels, a variety of colors, and unique details such as custom initialing on gates. Custom fabrication means you can work through potentially complicated logistics with ease, and end up with a fence unique in design and in build.