Why You Need a Wood Privacy Fence

Wood Vertical Board Fence with Arch in Snow

Are you frustrated that you don’t have enough privacy around your house? Then you need a wood privacy fence. Some people, for the sake of privacy, plant a line of trees or shrubs around their property. But is that enough? Here are just a few reasons why a privacy fence is necessary.

You Have a Dog

Do you own a dog? If yes, then you want to keep him on your property, as opposed to wandering around the block, especially if your dog is not a cute little puppy, but a large dog. You don’t need your neighbors complaining to the police about your large dog scaring their kids (or them!), and trees won’t do much to keep a dog out.

You Want to Tan or Do Something Similar

Do you want to sit out in the front during the hot summer months, with the intention of getting yourself a nice tan? Trees may block most of the view to your lawn, but not all of it. You will never have a total peace of mind if you have to worry that maybe someone is peeking through. Even if you are tanning in the back, you still have to worry about your intrusive neighbors. The same goes for similar fun stuff — like having a water fight with your kids or running through a sprinkler on an overly hot day.

You Want to Hold a Party

You want to hold a party — food, music, ice cream, hot dogs, pizza, BBQ, the works. You don’t need curious passersby or neighbors ruining your fun as they take a quick peek. Get yourself a wood privacy fence and have the party without any distractions.

You Just Want Your Privacy

You just want to be able to do whatever you like on your own property, and not have to worry about the usual stuff you have to worry about on the street. Really, your house and yard should be as comfortable as they can, and you should feel at home in your own home. Maybe you want to drink a morning coffee as you sit outside and listen to the birds chirping and watch the sun shining up the world, still in your pajamas. Maybe you want to do some outdoor exercise or martial arts training, and why should you have to worry about what your neighbor will think? Maybe you want to enjoy the pool or hot tub that took so much time and money to install. A fence gives you the ultimate peace of mind and allows you to feel at home all the time, knowing that whenever you want, you can enjoy the outdoors, without feeling like a stranger in your own yard.

What Will You Do In The Winter and Fall?

What will you do during the fall and early spring? Trees won’t help you then. Oh, of course, you can plant evergreen trees. But these tend to leave gaps, especially as time goes by. Besides, they often are not very pretty.

As you can see, planting trees, while it may provide some sort of privacy, is certainly not a real solution. It only helps you during the summer months, and besides, there are always gaps, which takes away from your peace of mind, since people could always peek through. You will only feel entirely safe from unwelcome, curious, and probing eyes if you have a wood privacy fence.

Of course, you can have trees too. Why not plant trees on the interior (or exterior) of your wood privacy fence? This way, you will have the best of both worlds, as you will have the privacy you want as well. Of course, that is totally up to you, but if you value your privacy, a fence is just something you can not give up.

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