Wood Fence Designs Remain a Popular Choice for Homeowners

Wood Split Rail With Welded Wire Mesh

There are many material choices available in fencing today; wood, aluminum, vinyl, chain-link, ornamental iron. Among all of these, wood fence designs remain a very popular choice among homeowners. Some of the reasons for wood fence‘s popularity are the aesthetics, versatility, style options, and overall cost.

Some of the key things to consider when choosing a fencing installer are; warranty, quality of materials, the length of time in business and customer satisfaction. Long Fence has been in business since 1945 and uses only the best quality materials for fencing. In the case of wood fence designs, we use lumber that is treated with Eco-Life, a non-metallic preservation agent protecting against decay, rot, and termites. Eco-Life also contains stabilizing agents to minimize weather damage and shrinking

One of the good things about building a fence using wood fence materials is that any design can be adjusted to the customer’s taste and needs.

Listed here are some of the more popular wood fence designs:

  • Spaced Board – The vertical boards of the wood fence materials are not butted up against each other and have a gap between them. While this wood fence design provides a level of security, the privacy features are not strong.
  • Picket – This is your ‘traditional’ shorter wood fence design, where the vertical boards have a shape cut at the top, typically a gothic style. This style is designed more for aesthetics and boundary definition than security or privacy.
  • Vertical Board – This wood fence design is made up of vertical boards placed tightly together to provide security and privacy. This is a very practical choice for wood fence materials.
  • Board on Board – Sometimes called “shadow box”, this style has vertical boards fastened to each side of the wood fence design, slightly overlapping each other. This style is unique because it not only provides security and privacy but gives the wood fence materials two “good” sides and allows some air flow through the wood fence design. It’s a very attractive design.
  • Board and Batten – The board and batten design feature a narrow board fastened over the area where two standard width boards meet. The board and batten design is a visually appealing option and creates a durable wood fence materials with both security and privacy
  • Split Rail – An attractive design used where the homeowner wants a more casual, less restrictive feeling. This wood fence design delineates property boundaries but does not provide security or privacy. Typically, this wood fence design has wire mesh fence applied to the inside of the wood fence materials to keep pets and smaller animals contained.
  • Stockade – Constructed using vertically applied rounded boards trimmed to a point at the top, the stockade fence is a simple design that many people find attractive. This is a solid choice when privacy and security are the goals.
  • Paddock – As the name indicates, this is a common wood fence style on properties with horses. This style is similar to the split rail in its overall appearance but uses flat boards as opposed to round rails.  It has a more formal appearance and wire mesh can be applied to the inside of the wood fence materials also for small animal control.
  • Estate – The estate style wood fence design is related to the paddock style. This style creates a stronger visual presence than the paddock fence in that it is a taller fence and the horizontal boards are usually spaced closer than the paddock. The upper portion of the wood fence style uses a design to set it apart, most often a cross-buck placement of the boards. This style accommodates wire mesh fencing if needed for small animal control.

Whatever wood fence design you choose to install, a few things are certain: quality fencing not only enhances the beauty and functionality of your home, it can also add a certain level of security and will increase the value of your property. Please contact us for a free estimate on your fence installer options.  Be assured that we will provide the best solution for your needs.