How to Repair a Fence Damaged by a Storm

How to Repair a Fence Damaged by a Storm

While fences may appear strong and sturdy, sometimes, incidents such as storms can harm them. Heavy winds and rain, lightning, flooding, and more have the potential to cause sections of a fence, including the foundation, to deteriorate and even fall. No matter the type of fence or how stable you thought it was, there is always a possibility of storm damage.

Thankfully, even when a fence experiences damage, this does not mean that it will be permanently destroyed. Whether your fence needs a single panel replaced or requires much more assistance, the Long Fence team is here to help. We put together a guide below to help you through the process of determining if and how you can repair your fence.

Assess the Storm Damage

The first step when trying to fix a damaged fence is to assess the situation and figure out just how much damage has taken place. What issues did the storm cause? Look for any changes on the fence, from side to side and top to bottom. Sometimes, the damage may be more obvious, such as busted panels, but other times, the wood may be less stable, or the metal may be rusted.

Depending on the type and frequency of storms your fence experiences, it may have short-term or long-term damages. A single violent storm, whether it is a thunderstorm, snowstorm, or just winds, may knock out panels or cause a tree to fall on and break the fence. On the other hand, frequent damage from water or sunlight can add up and cause long-term damages, including discoloration, wood rot, and rusting.

When assessing the damage, be sure to take notes and record any and all of the potential issues you observe. You can use the possible damages mentioned above as a guide, but you should also keep an open mind and be ready to see any other problems that may have occurred. This will help you, as well as the Long Fence repair experts, make a more informed and productive decision about the repair plan.

When to Repair vs. Replace

While many people choose to repair their damaged fences, this is not always the best option. Not all fence damage can be repaired, and if enough of the fence is damaged in certain ways, then it may even be cheaper and easier to replace the fence instead. Therefore, when assessing the damage that your fence has experienced during a storm, you should keep these different options in mind.

When deciding whether to repair or replace your fence, you should get a quote for how much each option would cost and then compare the costs of these choices. You can quickly get a cost estimate from Long Fence by just giving us a call. If it is quick, cheap, and easy to repair the fence, then this may be your best option; however, if your fence is in such poor condition that it costs the same amount to repair or replace the fence, then you will likely want to opt to replace it.

Even if installing a new fence will cost more than repairing your current fence, you should also consider the long-term benefits of choosing to construct a new fence. A new fence would last much longer than a repaired old fence would, and it would also add more value to your property.

Contact an Expert and Get Help

If you keep in mind the above considerations and decide that repairing your fence is the best choice for your situation, then the next step in the process is contacting an expert and getting help. You can call Long Fence at 1-800-917-5664 to speak with a fencing expert, who will walk you through all your different options and help you make the best decision.

There is no need to make unfounded guesses or try to get a complicated project done by yourself when you have the Long Fence team by your side. We frequently repair all types of fences, including those made from wood, vinyl, chain link, wrought iron, and more. Once you decide to repair your storm-damaged fence, you should reach out for help and support quickly so that it does not get worse over time.

Repairing Different Types of Fences

As the Long Fence team guides you through the process of repairing your fence, one of the most important factors we will consider is the type of material that your fence is made from. We frequently repair wood fences, chain link fences, wrought iron fences, and vinyl fences, so below is a guide to how these different types of fences would be repaired:

Wood Fences

A storm can cause a variety of issues to wood fences, including rot and decay, discoloration, and breakages. It can be simple to replace broken slats, pickets, or posts, but if more than about 20 percent of the fence boards are damaged, then the repair costs are likely not worth it. Additionally, structural damage can be much more difficult to remedy, and even if you fix it, the fence would be more likely to continue experiencing issues in the future.

Chain Link Fences

While they are typically extremely durable, chain link fences can experience problems caused by storms as well. Frequent rainstorms or flooding could cause rusting, which can be repaired and may be worth the cost if the rust is limited to under 15 percent of the fence. Additionally, if rails of your chain link fence are bent or broken, a damaged section can be replaced without purchasing a full new fence.

Wrought Iron Fences

Another durable fencing option that could still be susceptible to storm damage is a wrought iron fence. Wrought iron is so strong that repair is especially difficult, yet it is still possible. If you are interested in replacing a piece of your wrought iron fence, then be sure to discuss this with a trained professional before attempting the job yourself.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is not vulnerable to rot or termites, and it is also incredibly resilient to the elements; however, storms or other situations can still cause the fence to break. Depending on where and how much of the fence is broken, we can replace the damaged sections with new and improved pieces.

If you have experienced storm damage to your fence and believe that a repair is in order, then go ahead and contact us today. We’ll get the project started in no time and make sure that no matter what type of fence you have, it is strong, durable, and just like new when we leave. Give Long Fence a call for a free price estimate and a discussion of what option is best for you.

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