Pool Fence Ideas to Match Your Needs

Pool Fence Ideas to Match Your Needs

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Whether your pool was just installed or has been around for years, a pool fence is a necessity for keeping your family, neighbors, and pets safe. Not only can they offer increased protection, a pool fence can add style to any backyard design when done thoughtfully. So once you’ve resolved to install a pool fence, your next questions may range from- “What style should I choose?” to “How do I balance my protection needs with my backyard design?” We are here to answer those questions and guide you through the process so you end up with a pool fence that you will love for years to come.

When choosing a pool fence, the considerations of privacy and height are great places to start your fence considerations. From there, cost, style, and maintenance will help inform the material and design you choose in the end. Let’s get started.


A pool fence is unlike other backyard fences in that it may serve as a boundary within your backyard, rather than between the street or neighbors. Because of this, pool fences may vary much more in the privacy they provide than your typical backyard fence.

Once using your pool you may realize you are seeing more of your neighbors than you wish, or that your neighbors are seeing more of you! If this is the case you want to consider a complete privacy fence with no gaps to create a solid barrier between your yard and the outside world. Privacy fences create security and screen out unwanted sights and sounds. This is a great choice if you live in a densely populated or noisy neighborhood, or in a popular industrial or business area. Semi-privacy fences, like privacy fences but with some gaps to maintain air flow, are another great option if you want to create a solid barrier between your pool and the neighborhood around you but don’t want to sacrifice the benefits of a cool breeze. You can achieve privacy fences with many materials, including wood, vinyl, and chain-link slats, all of which are durable and long-lasting. We will discuss more about these materials later on.

If you are looking for less privacy in your pool fence- perhaps because you already have a solid backyard fence, or because you enjoy the views surrounding your yard- a fence with more gaps and space between slats is your best option for see-through security. Less private fence options can be made with any material simply by increasing the gaps between slats. Mesh and even glass are also great stylish materials to consider if privacy is not a concern.


Another important consideration for your pool fence is height, as height will affect the fence’s security, privacy, and style. If you have children, you will want to ensure the fence is tall enough to avoid them from climbing over. This is your ultimate concern when installing a pool fence. Make sure to check local regulations before finalizing your design, as some jurisdictions have rules about required height for pool fences. Fortunately, varied heights can be achieved with almost any material you choose.


This leads us to our last consideration, and perhaps most important for overall style, material. As discussed previously, there are many materials that will help you achieve a long-lasting, secure, and beautiful fence. Materials range in function, style, and affordability, so it is important to do your research before choosing your final design. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain-link are the most common options to choose from for a reason, they are all durable, versatile, and can fit with any backyard design you are hoping to achieve.

Wood Pool Fence Ideas

Wood pool fences come in many varieties. Raw wood fences are made of wood that either hasn’t been treated or painted, or that has bark still remaining. Raw wood fences are charming and rustic, but they also come with the risk of fast wear and tear, including splitting and discoloration over time. On the other hand, painted wood fences, carry the traditional charm of a white picket fence, or the vibrancy of any other pop of color you choose. The beauty of a wood painted fence is that you can choose a color to match to your garden and pool decor, whether that is traditional or funky.

Wood fences can come in the traditional vertical board layout, or with a more unexpected lattice design. Lattice fences have slats that are diagonally crossing to create an appealing diamond pattern. Lattice fences create less privacy than the traditional slatted fences, as the design requires large gaps of space between boards, but they do allow for more air-flow and light which may be a bonus if you are not looking for an especially private pool fence. Lattice fences, may be more expensive to install than the more traditional slatted fence.

Overall, wood pool fences are durable and affordable. They can cost somewhere under $100 per linear foot to install. While they do require proper upkeep and maintenance, such as repainting and perhaps new boards every once in a while, they can last for years and years if maintained correctly.

Vinyl Pool Fence Ideas

Vinyl pool fences have become more and more popular in recent years because they are able to achieve great style while still maintaining affordability, durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance. Vinyl fencing comes in many designs, and often mirrors the charm of the traditional white picket fence with no Tom Sawyer painting required. Vinyl fencing costs around $20-$50 per linear foot, making it considerably cheaper to install than the traditional wooden fence. It is important to note, that if you live in an area prone to high-winds vinyl fencing may not be the best option for you, as they often do not have much space between slats, making them more prone to wind-damage than other options, such as chain-link fences.

Chain-link Pool Fence Ideas

That brings us to chain-link pool fences. Chain-link fences are incredibly economical, easy to install, and require little maintenance through the length of their life. Chain-link fences also offer little visual barrier between your pool and the rest of your yard, making it a great option if you do not want to obstruct the view. If you do want the benefits of a chain-link fence with a bit more privacy, you can ask for chain-link fence slats which are woven through the gaps and create a more traditional slatted fence look. These slats come in different colors as well to match the decor of your pool and yard.

Aluminum Pool Fence Ideas

Last but not least, aluminum fencing is an affordable option that can still give you a high-class look. In addition to affordability and style, aluminum pool fences are very long-lasting, though they do require upkeep, especially to avoid rusting which will compromise the durability of your fence. Aluminum pool fences are a great option if you are looking for a protective barrier that does not disrupt the views of your pool and yard. If you are looking for more privacy, the other options discussed above are a better choice for you.

It is clear from the options described above, that there are many great options to choose from and choices to consider when deciding on a pool fence. Fortunately, if you choose thoughtfully, you will have a pool fence that will add style, protection, and peace of mind to your pool and yard for years to come.

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