Wood Fence Maintenance Pays Off in the End

Wood Fence Maintenance Pays Off in the End

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If homeowners don't take care of wood fence maintenance, they're going to have to pay a bit more than they might think. Here's why.

Labor Costs
There's a reason the some 99,939 fencing businesses in the U.S. are able to generate about $51 billion in revenue each year. Not only do these laborers make bank by installing, but they also make a fair amount on wood fence maintenance, too. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of repairing wood fences is about $530. Depending on how damaged the fence is, though, the cost of repairing it can go as high as $1,231.

Cost of Materials
One of the main reasons so many homeowners choose wood fences over metal fences is not only because it's more aesthetic, but also because it's more cost efficient. Wood is a relatively cheap building material. Pressure treated fence posts cost about $10 a piece on average. However, the cost of materials can quickly add up if there's a lot of wood fence maintenance that need to be done.

Time Spent Working
Some homeowners decide to mitigate the cost of wood fence maintenance by fixing their wood fences themselves. Although this is a great way to affordably repair it, it's going to take a lot longer than most would assume. Many repairs often take several days to complete, depending on how extensive the damage really is. Even the smallest little repair can take an entire morning's worth of work to do.

Wood privacy fences need to be taken care of. Though wood fencing is a cost efficient solution, it can take a lot longer to fix than most people might think, and have a bigger impact on their bank account, too. Taking care of wood fences ensures that such situations are avoided.

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