Why Trash Can Enclosures are Important for Your Business

Why Trash Can Enclosures are Important for Your Business

Nobody likes trash, but trash-related problems can be especially problematic when you’re running a business. Some of the most important parts of a business’ identity are appearance, safety, and trustworthiness. And all of these factors can be negatively impacted by trash cans that are not properly protected or tended to. Luckily, trash can enclosures can help address all of these problems and can keep your place of business fresh, safe, and secure. And there are no better people to work with to find your perfect trash can enclosure than the folks at Long Fence's commercial services.

Keep People Out with a Trash Can Enclosure

Perhaps most importantly, trash can enclosures can stop people from digging around in your business’ trash when you are closed or not paying attention. People dig around in trash cans for all sorts of reasons, and many “dumpster divers” mean no harm to you or your customers. However, there are several important reasons to stop people from rooting around in your garbage cans. For one, trash can enclosures can help safeguard any important financial documents that may have found their way into your business’ trash. Even something as innocent as a discarded receipt can sometimes contain private information that your customers do not want dumpster divers to find. With a good trash can enclosure, receipts, inventories, and other even more important financial documents are kept safe from prying eyes and rummaging hands.

But even if you don’t have intact financial documents in your business’ trash can, it can still be crucial to stop people from digging through it – for their own good. Especially if your business deals with potentially dangerous waste, leaving your trash cans unguarded could spell disaster for someone digging around in it. For your business’ well-being, and especially for the safety of the general public, it is crucial to stop people from digging around in your trash. This can be achieved by consulting with Long Fence and finding the perfect trash can enclosure for your business.

Keep Animals Out with a Trash Can Enclosure

Besides human beings digging through your business’ trash, there’s also the risk of animals getting into your trash. Trash can enclosures are important for keeping animals out of your trash – especially if you run a restaurant or otherwise regularly dispose of food in your business’ trash cans. One risk factor with animals is that they can spread disease. You don’t want your employees dealing with sick animals when they are on the clock, because they could infect your employees or at least cause a huge mess. Even worse, imagine a customer eating outside at your business encounters a rabid raccoon or bat foraging in your trash can and gets bitten. This would be a moral and financial disaster for your company. Finally, it just doesn’t look good to have animals hovering around the trash area at your business. It doesn’t exactly scream “sanitary” or “romantic” to have a backlot at your business flooded with squirrels or stray cats. With a well-constructed trash can enclosure, animals won’t be able to access the contents of your trash, and will soon leave your place of the business alone. This would obviously be the best result for the safety and appearance of your business.

Keep Your Business Looking Good

Suppose you don’t have problems at your business with animals or people digging around in your trash. Even if there’s nothing trying to actually get into your trash, sealing it away with a trash can enclosure is still the best option by far. Think about it – we’ve all been to a store or a restaurant where we park our car, walk towards the business, and catch a glimpse on your way in of a trash can which is overflowing with trash, is splashed with stains, or is just open and displaying your business’ waste for customers to feast their eyes on. Is this a good recipe for business success? Of course not. Even if you don’t consciously change your mind about a business’ quality or reputation, seeing a bunch of exposed garbage outside of a restaurant is bound to put a bad taste in your mouth. Now imagine that this happens with customers at your business. Even if you carefully tend to your garbage, it’s the best and safest option to hide away the trash can entirely with a state-of-the-art trash can enclosure from a trusted company like Long Fence. We can work with you to make such a beautiful trash can enclosure that your customers would never guess that there’s actually a trash can within it.

There are several other possible reasons why it may be necessary to purchase a trash can enclosure. For one, many states and municipalities have laws which require trash can enclosures. In some cases, laws say that businesses need to have actual trash can enclosures and even provide specifications for the size and material that those enclosures need to be. In other cases, state and local laws may simply mandate that trash be kept safe in a way that ensures it won’t be accessed by animals or dumpster-divers, and trash can enclosure are just the most easy and effective way to abide by these regulations. So even if you don’t see any particular need for a trash can enclosure at your business based on the reasons stated above, you should make sure to research the regulations in your city and state to see whether you are actually required to install a trash can enclosure or something similar.

At Long Fence, we have years of experience working with our customers to build the exact type of trash can enclosure they need. Although we build all types of fences, we are the perfect choice for constructing a trash can enclosure because we can customize it to meet your business’ needs, rather than just referring you to a hardware store that only offer a couple of choices and sizes for trash can enclosures. Depending on the aesthetics of your business and the level of protection you need, we can build trash can enclosures from a wide variety of affordable and durable materials, including cedar, pressure-treated pine, vinyl or even chain link fence. If you’ve realized that you need a trash can enclosure, don’t hesitate – contact Long Fence today.

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