Chemical-Free Western Red-Cedar Fencing

Long® Fence Offers Western Red-Cedar as a Chemical-Free Wood Fencing Alternative

Arlington, VA – October 25, 2010 – Western red-cedar has been available as a fence material choice for many decades. However, the introduction of pressure-treated wood, together with the higher cost of red-cedar caused this beautiful timber to lose popularity. With concern for the environment, many of today’s homeowners are looking for alternatives to pressure-treated wood fencing and are once again turning to western red-cedar as a chemical-free alternative.

Advantages of Naturally Preserved Western Red-Cedar Wood for Fences

Western red-cedar contains natural preservatives that resist moisture, decay and insect damage. It is an all-weather product—naturally at home in the sun, rain, heat and cold all year round. Properly finished, western red-cedar will last for decades, even in harsh environments.

Western red-cedar has twice the stability of most commonly available softwoods. The stability is a result of its low density and shrinkage factors. It lies flat, stays straight, and holds fastenings tightly. There is minimal tendency to shrink, swell, cup, twist, or warp under even the most extreme weather conditions.

Western red-cedar produces long, lightweight lengths of timber with a fine, straight grain and uniform texture, enhancing the natural beauty of this product, especially when finished to a smooth surface. It’s very easy to work with and provides a firm base for many types of paints and stains.

Environmental Attributes of Western Red-Cedar as Chemical-Free Fencing

Long® Fence residential sales manager, Jim McQuary, commented, “Long® Fence has always offered western red-cedar fencing and we have customers who prefer it. But, there are more people today looking for natural, chemical-free fence products for their homes and western red-cedar is making a comeback as the hot ‘new’ product in fencing.”

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