can be so beautiful!

Composite & Vinyl Decks

Long® Fence offers low-maintenance composite and vinyl decks that look great, last for years and stand up to wear and tear.

Composite and vinyl deck boards have a wood grain look and feel and add a smooth and modern appearance to your deck or porch. All of our composite and vinyl decks and railing systems are non-splintering and environmentally friendly. If you would rather avoid a wooden deck, a composite or vinyl deck would be a great alternative to a wood deck! They are low-maintenance and are less vulnerable to environmental conditions than wooden decks.

Long Fence has been providing exceptional service and outdoor products since 1945. Nearly 75 years of experience serving customers has allowed us to refine our skills and determine exactly what we need to do in order to best serve you. We have constantly worked to continue being experts in what we do and improve our standards and service to meet today’s specific challenges. We are committed to serving all customers, from government agencies, municipalities, and corporations to the residential homeowner. We continue to be a leader in the residential composite and vinyl deck industry and always aim to deliver a product with the highest quality and performance.

Vinyl Decks

Vinyl decking, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decks, are gaining popularity in the decking and construction world due to their maintenance-free qualities. Our vinyl decks are 100% cellular pvc which essentially require the lowest amount of maintenance of any type of deck. There is no wood content in vinyl decking, which means they don’t require painting or stripping and you won’t get splinters, warping or cupping like you would with wood decks.

PVC or vinyl decks can come in several colors depending on your property and taste. This can actually be an advantage over wood because vinyl decks can look extremely high-quality no matter the color you choose. Want a deck to complement the color and design of your house? Then you have come to the right place. Vinyl decks can also be hollow or solid. Though vinyl decks can sometimes be prone to slight cracking when exposed to heat, they are just as, if not more, stable than wood.

Composite Decks

Composite decks are made from both wood and recycled plastic and tend to look more natural than vinyl decks. Like vinyl decking, there are two types of composite decks: solid composite and hollow composite. Solid composite looks more like real wood and hollow composite looks more man-made.

A great feature of composite decks is that they require almost no maintenance. Composite decks don’t require much cleaning and absolutely no re-staining, re-sealing, or re-painting. A deck wash is required, however, every three to four years to prevent mold from building up. The long-lasting color, however, will not have a noticeable fade, or what is commonly referred to as the delta e, no matter how many times you clean it. Unlike wood, composite does not warp or splinter and will not rot or attract insects.

Benefits of Composite and Vinyl Decks

The primary benefit of composite and vinyl decks is that they are extremely low maintenance.

They don’t need much cleaning and do not need re-staining, re-sealing, or re-painting. The great thing about composite and vinyl decking, however, is that their low-maintenance beauty continues to complement your home for years after installation.

They are also very safe for children and pets since they are free of slipping or splintering. You’ll never have to pull a splinter out of a child’s foot if you install a composite or vinyl deck! Thanks to their resilient composition, composite and vinyl do not warp or cup like a wooden deck would.

Composite and vinyl decks can be installed with hidden fasteners for a smooth finish and protection. Though composite and vinyl decks are not wooden, you can still rest assured that they have a natural appearance. We can design them however you would like, and we can also make the material look as close to wood with a variety of long-lasting colors available.

Composite or Vinyl Deck Installation Considerations

While we have already discussed color, there are plenty of other considerations to think about when installing a composite or vinyl deck.

Will your deck be in the sun? If it is, then you will want to choose a material or color that is lighter and does not absorb as much heat. If you want your deck to look as natural or “woody” as possible, you may want to consider installing a solid composite deck.

Other considerations include budget, space, shape, and much more. We will assist you throughout the design process to ensure that you are making the best decisions for your personalized deck.

Why Choose Long Fence?

At Long Fence, we have been dedicated to two main concepts for nearly 75 years that our company has been operating: product and performance. We want to give you the best composite or vinyl deck for your buck, and the best performance possible by our team and the product itself.

The Long Fence Pledge states that we will approach all jobs with prompt, professional courtesy, accept all jobs with dedication to quality service and attention to detail, and accomplish all jobs by offering the best value for investment.

We will be there with you every step of the process of getting your dream composite or vinyl deck. It all starts with a free estimate for your vision, and the process will kickstart there. You will have a designer help you to create a design that suits what you had in mind for your deck as well as your budget. We will work closely with you to ensure that the design process in addition to the building process is as comfortable, affordable, and efficient as possible so that you can get your dream deck quickly, effortlessly, and without spending too much money.