can be so beautiful!

Wood Decks

Long® Fence offers the finest in materials and craftsmanship in every premium grade wood deck and porch. Every wood deck is custom built to the requirements of the homeowner, environment and local building codes. We work with each individual customer to develop and build the perfect wood deck, right from the material to the design. We also have knowledge of the codes and regulations in your area and can make the permitting process painless for you.

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A High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Wood Deck

Long® Fence is committed to preserving the environment and proudly offers Micropro wood decking. Our Micropro wood decks are environmentally friendly and high quality. Micropro is top-grade lumber with a non-metallic preservative to protect the wood from rot, decay, and termites. In addition, wood stabilizers help to guard your deck against weathering and ensure that you enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come.

How a Wood Deck Could Benefit Your Property

Wood decks are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses. They can help you and your guests make the most out of your outdoor property. Their many uses – from extra dining and living space to scenic viewing areas – is an ideal addition to many people’s homes. Wood decks are also a good investment opportunity, as the cost of a wood deck has one of the best return on investments when it comes to home remodeling projects.

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Raised Wood Decks

There are many reasons why our customers choose to install raised wood decks. For instance, a house’s foundation often positions the main floor level a few feet above ground level. A raised wood deck is an easy and aesthetically-pleasing way to bridge this gap between the ground and the entrance to the house. The elevation can also provide an additional storage area or added space for dining and entertaining. Whatever your reasons, we will work with you to design and install the perfect raised wood deck for your property.

Two-Story Wood Decks

Two-story wood decks are an excellent way to expand the space on an upper-level floor and provide a scenic view of the surrounding landscape. Add a staircase, and it is also a good way to provide direct access to the yard below. A two-story deck provides the added protection of an easy escape route during an emergency.

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A Multi-Level Wood Deck

Some of our customers choose to install a multi-level wood deck. This added space can give a property more dimension and depth and can complement many home styles. Multi-level wood decks also tend to provide the most possible outdoor living space, whether you want to use it for entertaining guests, dining, or living space. These can also provide multiple great views of your landscape.

If you think a multi-level wood deck might be the right choice for your property, contact us and our experts will advise you on the benefits.