LONG® FENCE Vertical Board Fencing is one of our most popular fence styles. This fence style is virtually private.

In this particular style of fencing the boards that comprise the fence section are placed adjacent to each other, but given that all lumber shrinks, some space will develop between the vertical boards over time, hence it is considered to be virtually private.  Not only will a vertical board fence add value to your home but it will also create a safe, private environment for your family to enjoy.

Vertical board fencing is a durable fence option that is stick built and well-suited for steep grades. Enhance the appearance with a cap board, lattice top, arch or dip.  In addition, there are a variety of  fence post and cap options available to further enhance the look of your fence.

Vertical Board Fence Services

Our representatives will help you determine the perfect vertical board fence for your property. They will take into account county and city codes and homeowner association restrictions.

For more information on the best vertical board fence for your home, request a Free Estimate or call us at 1-800-917-5664.


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Absolutely Wonderful


The fence is absolutely wonderful! I am impressed with both the general workmanship and product quality. I am thoroughly glad I picked Long Fence for the job!

Solid Installation


"Your guys did a great job, coming back and cleaning up the excess clay and also replacing the one fence board that was a little short. Just want to let Long Fence know that I appreciate your great customer service. The fence looks fantastic and the installation was solid. Due to the quality of the fence and the install and your patience and the great customer service from Vickie and Steve, I will share my experience if any of my friends or neighbors are considering having a fence installed."