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Deer Fence

If you own a property in rural areas or suburbs, it is important to consider ways to protect your yard from animals. Without the proper fencing, a stray deer could eat away at the fruits of your hard work and even cause property damage. 

Whether you want to protect a backyard garden or a multi-acre farm or just keep out the pests, deer fencing is an effective way to keep deer from damaging crops and landscapes. If you think your property could benefit from a deer fence, contact us today for a free estimate.

An Invisible Deer Fence

Long® Fence installs deer fencing made from polypropylene plastic. This product is a virtually invisible barrier intended to prevent deer from gaining access to your yard. Strong and impact resistant, this nearly invisible fencing does not detract from the landscape. Instead, it keeps your property clear of damage from deer. This type of deer fencing can be hung from cables, a metal framework or strong between trees. Contact our professional landscapers today to determine if this type of fencing is right for your property.

How Deer Can Damage Crops

Deer are voracious eaters most of the year. In fact, studies suggest that a healthy adult deer eats as much as 10 pounds in a single day. When deer roam near properties, this healthy appetite could wreak havoc on your landscape or crops. They will eat a range of food, from common crops like lettuce, squash, and beans to potted plants and curated lawns. Damage by deer is typically not hard to identify. Deer tear up plants rather than neatly cut them, and the damage is often accompanied by cloven-hoof tracks. If you see any of this type of damage, you know it is time to install a deer fence. It is up to the homeowner to protect their property from roaming deer.

The Benefits of Professional Deer Fence Installation

As anyone who has had problems keeping deer off their property knows, just any old fence will not do the trick. Deer can be surprisingly resourceful in their attempt to cross fences. Deer can easily bypass the kinds of low wire fences commonly used on large rural properties to designate private property, and they can even find ways under or around metal or wooden fences. When they encounter a barrier such as a fence, they often simply walk along the fence until they find a gap in the fencing. They have even been known to use driveways as a point of entry. 

A Deer Fence is a Virtually Impenetrable Seal

The key to deer control is sealing the entire area. This is where our affordable polypropylene plastic deer fences come in. Our deer fences are higher than most wooden or metal fences, and can deter deer to the point where they can walk the entire perimeter and not necessarily find a place to gain access. They can stretch around an entire property without opening any gaps, meaning a deer could wander around the entire length of fence without finding a way to penetrate it.

If you believe a deer fence could benefit your property, contact us today for a free consultation.