When you need a reliable contractor for the projects that enhance your exterior living space, choose Long® Fence. We've been serving homeowners since 1945 and our name has become synonymous with quality products and dependable service.



Long® Fence, a nationally recognized commercial fencing contractor, provides perimeter security and access control products to businesses, industry and the government. Our name has become synonymous with quality products and dependable service since 1945.


Long Fence Company - Quality and Reliability Since 1945

When you see the Long® Fence sign, you see the mark of dependable quality and service. From our start in 1945 to present day, we’ve helped thousands of residential and commercial customers improve the security, use and beauty of their property.

As one of the largest fence contractors in the nation, we are committed to excellence in the design, construction, warranty and maintenance of your project. Our sign is your guarantee.

Thank you for considering Long® Fence


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