Long® Fence, a nationally recognized fence contractor, provides perimeter security and access control products to municipal, state, and federal government agencies. Our name has become synonymous with quality products and dependable service since 1945.

Public parks, pools, roads, sidewalks, and government properties all need fences, gates, and other protective measures. When looking for a supplier and contractor, officials must have a partner they can trust.

Long® Fence works with a variety of governmental agencies, primarily in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C. metro area, but also across the U.S. Since 1945, the Long® Fence family has provided dependable service and high-quality products. Our team has hundreds of years of collective service. No matter the project, we have the experience to get the job done on-time and on-budget.

We understand that many governmental projects have specific requirements. All of our products can be customized to meet your specifications. Our team will work closely with you from day one to ensure all of your needs are met. Give us a call today to learn more. We offer free consultation.

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Parks & Rec

Parks and recreation departments provide an important service to Americans across the country. They support public health and wellness and provide an opportunity for communities to come together. For facilities to function and remain safe and secure, though, they often need netting, fences, gates, and other products.

Long® Fence provides a wide range of products for public parks and recreation areas. Our services include furnishing and installing park fencing, paver walkways, tennis court fencing, baseball fencing, golf netting, pool netting, and parking lot gates, as well as decks and wooden trails. All of our products are durable and user-friendly, balancing the need for function with visual appeal. They can be customized to meet your specific size requirements and security needs.

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Community Pools

Community pools are excellent recreational facilities for the public, but they require a fence installer you can trust to meet all safety requirements and not skimp on quality or security.

At Long® Fence, all of our pool fences are specifically designed to enhance public safety. We fully understand and follow all local and federal safety regulations, but also go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of safety and visual appeal. In addition to traditional pool fencing, we also provide anti-climb pool fences and gates for public pools that require anti-trespassing measures during off-hours.

We offer ornamental iron, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link pool fencing and gates. Aluminum is a popular choice for providing safety while also keeping the space open and visually clear with little maintenance. Aluminum would be lower maintenance, but iron offers the strength that these type applications can call for. Vinyl provides more privacy, while chain link fencing is an excellent low-cost alternative. Regardless of the material you choose, we will work with you to find the perfect style, height, and placement of the fence.

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Community Pools
Bollards and Barriers

Bollards & Anti-Ram Barriers

Vehicles pose a significant threat to pedestrians. Shopping centers, heavily-trafficked sidewalks, banks, parking garages, and important government properties often need bollards or anti-ram barriers to protect public safety.

A bollard is a steel post set in concrete that is strong enough to stop a vehicle in its tracks. You’ll often see them painted yellow to make them easily visible to cars. They are a great way to protect pedestrian areas and other public spaces or important buildings from vehicles. Bollards are most useful when you want to keep a space open for pedestrians but closed to vehicular traffic. Anti-ram barriers are strong, ornamental-style fences that are reinforced with steel bollard and cable systems. They are designed to stop even the largest and strongest vehicles from breaking through to a secure government facility. As opposed to bollards, anti-ram barriers are best used when access is entirely restricted from both pedestrians and vehicles.

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Barbed Wire Fences

Many government facilities require barbed wire fences to protect public safety or prevent trespassers. Barbed wire fences are highly effective when installed correctly.

You can trust Long® Fence to furnish and install secure, high-quality barbed wire fences to protect government properties. Our team will work with you to meet your budgetary and time-related needs and tailor the fence’s size and design to meet your specifications.

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Barbed Wire
Commercial Guardrails

Highway Guardrails

Highway guardrails protect public safety by preventing vehicles from running off the road at dangerous points. We work closely with many State Highway Administrations and local Department of Transportation entities as well as parks and recreational divisions. In addition to the standard galvanized steel guard rail we also offer cor-ten and timber guard rail options when such options best fit the intended use.

At Long® Fence, we provide strong highway guardrails made of galvanized steel that meet all regulations and codes. We work closely with park and recreational divisions to ensure the guardrails are installed in the best possible locations to protect drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

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Automated Gates

In many government facilities and parking areas, automatic gates provide an excellent means of controlling access to restricted areas. We provide a number of different types of automated gates. The barrier arm gate is a simple yet effective way to control traffic entering or exiting an area. For a touch of more security, a swing gate is a secure and visually appealing option. If there is not enough space for a swing gate, consider installing a cantilever slide gate. Instead of swinging inward or outward, a sliding gate slides on wheels horizontally, allowing cars to pass. An overhead tracking gate or vertical lift gates are also good options when space is limited. For maximum security, Long® Fence also offers an anti-ram gate that will prevent many types of vehicles from ramming through.

All of our automatic gates can be customized to meet your agency’s individual needs. They are motorized and can be operated from any nearby security outpost or office. We offer only high-quality materials that will provide strong, durable, highly-secure gates.

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Automated Gates
Temporary Fence Home cascade

Temporary Fences

In addition to permanent fences, Long® Fence offers temporary fences, including portable fence panels, gates, pedestrian barricades, temporary in-ground fencing, and anti-climb panels. These fences protect the public during events, control vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and prevent trespassing on construction sites. We also offer silt fences to reduce harmful runoff and erosion from construction sites, as well as snow fences to control snowdrifts.

Our temporary fencing services include everything from furnishing the fence, to installation, to clean up. We will ensure that all regulations are met and work closely with you to meet all of your needs on time and on budget. Whatever your needs may be, give us a call, and we’ll work to meet them. We offer free consultation.

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Job well done!

We are very impressed with the quality and workmanship, and also the competency of the crew. Job well done!

Jane B.

Craftsmanship and material are of excellent quality

Long Fence did a great job on putting up our fence. It looks great, craftsmanship and material are of excellent quality. I recommend them for your next fence project.

Tim H.

The quality of the build as well as the clean up after was spot on

Great experience with this company. Came out and viewed the site, provided a reasonable quote. Came to the workplace prepared and completed the job timely. The quality of the build as well as the clean up after was spot on.

Chris A.

The site was cleaned up after the job was done

The company has been around a very long time. They do very nice work. … They applied for the required permit and scheduled the numerous inspections in a timely way, so the completion schedule was not interrupted. The site was cleaned up after the job was done. We’re happy with the job.

Daniel B.