Backyard Getting Dull? Consider These Home and Garden Features

Sunroom Lightings

Do you like entertaining guests in your home and garden, but feel that your scenery has room for improvement? You might consider adding a new structure to your home or lawn. Screened porches and sunrooms can make excellent additions to your house, and your backyard can turn into a private oasis with the installation of a beautiful gazebo or attractive privacy fences. If you think one of these options may be right for you, read on for the advantages of these great home and garden enhancements.

Screened porches and sunrooms

These features are an excellent way to create an additional living space in your house, or convert an uncovered porch. Sunrooms have windows and are sometimes known as “three season rooms,” but they can often be used year round with proper heating or cooling. Screened porches use screens rather than windows, and they are excellent for warmer climates. Screened porches and sunrooms can give you an extra room for entertaining guests, and they are especially popular on the backs or sides of houses for added privacy.


Gazebos are typically round, wooden structures made of a platform in the center and often surrounded by wooden posts and a top for shelter. Many wooden gazebos are open and have no coverings on the side, but modern gazebos are now being built with screens or other features. In addition to being an attractive feature in any garden, gazebos are perfect for entertaining guests in warm weather, and the tops of gazebos offer shade as an alternative to sitting on a patio in the sun.

Privacy fences

If you love using your backyard, but you want to block out the sights or sounds of neighbors or traffic, then privacy fences may be right for you. These tall fences allow you and your family to sit in peace in your backyard, without nosy neighbors peeking in on your celebrations or relaxing days off. If you have a pool in your backyard, privacy fences can also be a good way to keep out uninvited guests or neighborhood children who could fall into the pool and drown. Pets can play in the backyard without you having to worry if they’ll run off, and they won’t climb wooden fences like they might an aluminum fence. Wooden privacy fences make an attractive addition to your backyard, and they ensure that your private parties don’t gain the unwanted attention of neighbors or passersby.

If you are looking for ways to add to your backyard, whether it’s an enclosure or an inviting space to entertain guests, be sure to contact a fencing company or other contractor to get started on revamping your home and yard.