Installation of a Chain Link Fence: Durable, Resistant

Coated Fabric Frame and Chain Link Fence

    The chain link fence has provided generations of homeowners with reliable and dependable fencing for their yards and more.  It is called the “hurricane fence” for a reason: it is strong and reliable, even under most types of weather.

    In this featured blog from Long Fence, the unique aspects which a chain link fence provides is touched upon.

The Benefits of Installation of a Chain Link Fence:

    When you own a property, or even just rent one–whether for commercial or private purposes–you have the normal concerns in regards to the property: privacy, safety and appearance.

     Installation of a chain link fence can address all of these concerns; it provides privacy by creating a barrier between you and the outside world. It provides safety by clearly indicating to criminals that you protect your property. It can provide appearance appeal if painted a nice color or used as a trellis for vines and flowers.

    Here are several of the other benefits of the installation of  a chain link fence around your home, office or other property:

  • The cost won’t bring tears to your eyes. Wood, vinyl, doesn’t really matter. When you compare chain link to most other fencing options, it will come out as the most affordable time and time again. This can be especially important if you are needing to fence a large area like a parking lot, playground, sports field, school, body of water or other large pieces of land.

  • Safety comes first. Chain link fences are perfect for containment. If you have children or pets, or you own a business that works with children or pets, having a fence to keep them in and keep dangerous intruders out is a must. Chain link fences are also a great option for construction sites, in order to keep equipment and materials safe. Finally, an unguarded property is a property that thieves target. If you erect a simple fence, it will give criminals the idea that you may have even further measures of security inside, which will keep them from trespassing.

  • It just lasts. The design of the chain link fence makes it extremely durable. It is perfect for use on a sports field because a bad kick or throw won’t cause it any damage. A chain link fence is also perfect for use in extreme climates because rain, wind, ice, snow, heat and even fire won’t cause it any damage. In addition, termites, rot and mold are of no concern when you go with a chain link fence over a wooden fence–regardless of how it’s been treated.

  • You don’t have to be too patient. Chain link fences are arguably the easiest type of fence to install so installation is typically quick, which can be very important on a large property or a property with valuable equipment.

  • Works on every type of property. This is a fence that, for so many reasons, will work on pretty much any property. It can be for short-term use or long-term use. It can last through hot, humid, rainy summers or long, cold, icy winters. It can be styled to any taste, and it provides privacy and safety without the claustrophobia of a solid wall.

  • It still allows the sun and wind to get through. A transparent fence, like a chain link fence, allows for security while also letting your garden get all of the sun it needs and permitting the fresh breeze to blow across your property. Another benefit to the transparency of the chain link fence is that you can see what is going on outside of our property, while still being protected from it. With a chain link fence, you will get your view as well as your security.

  • Improved property value. If you ever do decide to sell your property, the fence will be factored into the value. Many home buyers, or commercial land buyers, appreciate a quality fence around the perimeter of a property so the value of the property will increase.

    If these benefits sound like something you need, contact Long Fence. Founded in 1945, Long Fence is one of the nation’s largest and most trusted fence contractors, and they are more than happy to help you find a fencing solution that works well with your property.

    Is installation of a chain link fence ideal for your property’s unique attributes?  Would another type of fence be more beneficial?

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Key Factors to Consider for the Installation of a Chain Link Fence

     Installation of chain link fence offers an unparalleled level of transparency and affordability to customers in search of a dependable fencing solution. For years, chain link fences have offered protection to homeowners, students, park visitors and animals. As a result of their cost-effective, maintenance-free design, chain link fences have maintained their edge as the most popular type of fencing in the United States. Below is a look at some of the key locations for chain link fences, along with a summary of their advantages and shortcomings.

Popular Sites for Chain Link Fences

    The popularity of chain link fences is undeniable. Whether you are driving through the suburbs of a large city or an industrial area of a large city, chain link fences are present in a variety of settings. Below are some of the most popular sites for chain link fences:

  • Residential homes

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Schools

  • Outdoor sports fields

  • Local parks

    Chain link fences are not limited to these areas and are also used to help enclose backyards, kennels, and swimming pools.

Advantages of Chain Link Fences

    The demand for the installation of chain link fence stems in great part from their cost-effective, low maintenance design. Below are some of the key advantages of chain link fences:

  • Affordability: A chain link fence is the most economical type of fence available

  • Transparency: Chain link fences are ideal for preserving visibility of an enclosed area

  • Ease of Maintenance: Chain link fences require virtually no maintenance

  • Durability: A galvanization process helps prevent rusting from occurring

    In addition to these benefits, chain link fences can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to commercial or residential property.

Shortcomings of Chain Link Fences  

    While the affordability and durability of chain link fences make them an attractive option to many customers, consumers should be aware of their shortcomings before investing in chain link fences. Below are some of the primary disadvantages of chain link fences:

  • Lack of Curbside Appeal: Chain link fences can easily be scratched

  • Poor Security: Their short standard height allows most chain link fences to easily be climbed

  • Minimal Privacy: Passers-by can see virtually everything behind a chain link fence 

    When deciding whether or not to invest in a chain link fence, customers must decide whether they place a greater value on affordability and durability or whether they require a type of fence that offers greater security and privacy.

Seeking the Expertise of a Leader in the Chain Link Fence Industry  

    When evaluating commercial and residential fence companies, it is important to consider a company’s commitment to product quality and service. This commitment can be shown by a company that possesses the following attributes:

  • Industry Experience: Companies with decades of experience are typically superior

  • Breadth of Expertise: A company that serves a wide variety of clients shows versatility

  • Responsiveness: A company should respond quickly to calls and quote requests

  • Focus on Precision: Companies should display attention to detail

  • Investment Value: A company should offer the best value possible

  • Accreditation and Certifications: A company should be certified and BBB accredited

    Ideally, you should select a chain link fence provider such as Long® Fence that possesses all of these attributes. Long® Fence is a proven leader in the commercial fencing industry.

    Maintaining your chain link fence is of paramount importance if you want it to last a long time.  Read tips and ways to enable your fence to span generations.

Things you Want to Know About Chain Link Fence Maintenance and Repair

    There are many great benefits to a chain link fence. For starters, they are a cost-effective option, which is great when you are enclosing a larger space than normal. In addition to this, they require very little maintenance and are fairly durable.

    However, as durable and maintenance-free that they are, there are some things you can do to increase the longevity of your chain link fence even more. Here are some tips to get you started.

Cleaning your Fence

    Occasionally, you will want to clean your chain link fence. Usually, you can accomplish this simply by spraying the fence off with a water hose. However, if you have some stains or soiled areas you wish to clean a little more deeply, simply use a soft scrub brush and some soapy water to brush away the stain.

    Just about any cleaning solution will suffice and you won’t need to worry about the added danger of rust development. After scrubbing the dirty area with your soft brush, rinse the fence again with your water hose.

Repairing your Fence

    Over time, it is possible that your fence will become damaged or loose. Correcting these issues is usually rather simple. For a loose fence, start by removing the tie wires. You can then use a fence puller to remove the fence from the tension bar so you can tighten the fence and reattach it to the post.

    If you have a damaged section, you can follow the above steps and simply remove the damaged section. Then you can either replace the wires that make up the damaged section or replace the entire chain link fence section altogether. After you have replaced or repaired the fence, make sure you reattach it to the tension bar so it is tight and effective.

    Along with having issues with the chain link portion of your fence, you may wind up with a bent fence rail. This could happen when a tree branch falls on the fence or other issues occur. Luckily, this is an extremely easy fix and usually costs very little money.

    To start with, you will need a new top rail and some wire ties. When you buy your top rail, make sure one end is open and one end is crimped. Along with these tools, you will also need a hacksaw and someone who can hold the fence section in place while you measure it.

    Use your damaged rail to measure your new one. Make a mark where you will need to cut your new rail in order to replace the old one. You can then cut your new rail to match the length of the old one. To remove your old rail, cut it with your hacksaw and slide it off the joint. Then, you can easily make the connections for your new rail and have a beautiful fence once more. 

Repairing the Gate

    Another issue that sometimes surfaces in chain link fences is in regard to the gate. Usually, this is the case when the gate gets out of alignment. This is usually something you can correct simply by adjusting the hinge pins. You will need to use a socket wrench to loosen the pins and reposition them. To make this process easier, rely on the aid of a hammer and a wood block.

    Before you tighten the pins again, make sure you check the new position and the swing of the gate to make sure you have it right.

    Following this advice could help you ensure your chain link fence stands the test of time. For information about replacing or installing a new chain link fence, be sure to contact us today. We have options that any homeowner can afford and that will look great on your property.

l and residential fence industry that has been serving all types of customers since 1945. Their Better Business Bureau accreditation and certification as a Lead Certified Renovator illustrates their commitment to safely and professionally meeting the needs of customers.

    Please contact us to learn more about the advantages of chain link fences. Our dedicated fence experts look forward to talking to you about your individual needs and offering you the best value for your fence investment.

    The value a chain link fence provides far outweighs any product on your property.  If installed correctly, a chain link fence can last well over 25 years.  Nowadays, options exist to make a chain link fence have more visual appeal as well.

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